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Blockchain-Ads is the first “Performance-based Web3 Advertising Ecosystem”. There is so much inside these 5 words. What does Performance-based means? What is a Web3 Advertising Ecosystem? We want to unpack all of this in this (short) article.

If you have already heard about us before or you want to go more in depth on our technology and ecosystem, here is a few resources we suggest you to check:

A New Era Of Advertising Is Upon Us. Whether We Want It Or Not.

The current decade is proving to be a pivotal time for Web Advertising. The death of 3rd Party Cookies, the widespread use of Blockchain technology and the advent of virtual IDs are only a few of the recent developments in Digital Marketing and User Privacy in recent years.

All companies and projects that interact with the Blockchain in one way or another (DeFi, Crypto, NFTs, Gaming, Metaverse, etc…) have already felt the consequences of this new era, as their potential customers, once so easy to reach, are now extremely hard to find on the open Web.

Blockchain-Ads is building the plumbing of the new Era of Advertising on the Web3.0 — the hard way.

Blockchain Ads is developing the first one unified Marketing solution for all Web3 Projects. A Meta-Hub that combines the latest Advertising technologies for advertisers, total Privacy protection and control for Web users and seamless setup process for all publishers to monetize their content without any requirement.

The End Result

Privacy Protection on par with the Brave Browser, but unrestricted by platform. Advertising ROI on par with Google & Facebook, but without the restrictions. Traffic Analysis on par with Google Analytics, but without invading users’ Privacy.

But there is more: The Metaverse

Yes, the Metaverse. Single plots of lands go by $10,000+ — sometimes more than the real thing. Bored Ape Yacht Club sale of virtual land overwhelmed and broke the Ethereum Blockchain.

Two of the — missing — key selling points of the Metaverse are:

  • An easy way to monetize your space
  • An easy way to know who sees and interacts with your virtual property

Well, things are changing. Blockchain-Ads has already created what we call a MetaHUB: a forum of smart and creative Metaverse projects to come together and create partnerships to develop one of the first iterations of Metaverse Ads, Metaverse Data Attribution.

Many more things are cooking within and without the Blockchain-Ads Ecosystem. The team is hyped to announce some of these in the upcoming days and weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or you simply want to become part of our Hub, you can reach out to us at contact@blockchain-ads.com or on our Telegram channel.

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