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Blockchain-Ads for Web3 Marketing Campaigns: A Detailed Overview

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Blockchain-Ads (BCA) breaks the limitations of traditional platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, allowing you to promote your projects to real Web3 users.

It does this by anonymously building people’s digital footprints on the web and blockchain, thanks to its proprietary “Web3 cookie” technology.

With this functionality, you can serve display ads to users who fit your ideal target personas wherever they hang out on the web.

Blockchain-Ads is the ultimate tool every founder and marketer needs to 10x their project launch—or is it?

In this Blockchain-Ads crypto review, you’ll learn:

  • How Blockchain-Ads works
  • Why you should or shouldn’t use it
  • If it can actually 10x your project launch.

How Does Blockchain-Ads Work?

In simple terms, Blockchain-Ads uses a similar internet cookie logic you find on traditional platforms like Google Ads—but supercharged with wallet-targeting capabilities.

BCA’s Web3 cookie tech matches a user’s device ID to a wallet address when they connect to partnered publishers and data providers. 

It then creates an accurate digital profile based on their on-chain behavior and wallet portfolio.

The best part is that Blockchain-Ads crosschecks each new wallet address with its existing user ID database to find and combine identical profiles. If an existing user connects with multiple wallets, it gets added to their profile.

So, you can run ads with confidence that you’re targeting unique users who have never been on the advertiser's website.

This is why Blockchain-Ads can display ads in front of your ideal Web3 user personas, every time.

Should You Use Blockchain-Ads for Your Web3 Marketing Campaigns? 

Blockchain-Ads is the best Web3-native advertising suite to find real Web3 users based on their on-chain behavior and promote your project wherever they spend their time online.

It provides the media activation needed to reach high-value crypto audiences truly interested in what you offer. 

For instance, Binance achieved a return on ad spend of 19.8x when they ran their APAC campaign on Blockchain-Ads, getting over 4,600 new traders in 30 days.

Key Features and Capabilities of Blockchain-Ads

Here are some of the key features Blockchain-Ads offers to Web3 marketers:

Audience Building and Segmentation

You can create audiences based on behavior on and off the blockchain and then segment them into groups to better target campaigns. 

Filter audiences by token holdings, transaction history, blockchain interactions, wallet used, and more.

Campaign Goals and Pre-built Audiences

Blockchain-Ads makes it easy to set up campaigns with three main specialized goals: awareness, engagement, and conversions. You can also set custom campaign goals.

Plus, you get pre-built audiences you can target, including DeFi degens, NFT holders, crypto whales, etc.

Retargeting Capabilities

Blockchain-Ads allow advertisers to target users across different stages of their journey, from awareness to consideration. 

You can always retarget the same audience after each campaign to keep your project on top of their minds so they’re more willing to take action.

Real-time Analytics and ROI Estimation

Gain access to real-time campaign analytics with actionable insights into audience sources, ad impressions, conversions, and more.

The best part? BCA’s analytics combine all these metrics to calculate your ROI based on your advertising budget.

No more guessing whether your campaigns are driving real results.

One-Click Integrations

Blockchain-Ads gives you full transparency of your campaign traffic and quality with one-click integrations to popular analytics solutions. These include Google Analytics, MixPanel, and Appsflyer.

Security and Compliance

BCA takes privacy seriously, using Zero-Knowledge Proof technology (powered by Partisia) to encrypt user data. 

It also leverages Matomo technology to ensure its Web2 tracking capabilities remain anonymous. 

Who Should Use Blockchain-Ads?

Blockchain-Ads is designed for Web3 marketers and growth hackers who want to improve the performance of their campaigns by better targeting their audiences and gathering more data.

Specific users who can benefit include:

  • Web3 brands who have Web3 users as their ideal customer avatar. 
  • Web2 brands looking to tap into the web3 vertical and expand their business.
  • Web2 and Web3 marketing companies that want to use performance marketing for their clients.

Why You Should Consider Blockchain-Ads

Here are the key reasons Blockchain-Ads should be on your radar for your next Web3 marketing campaign:

Proven Web3 Expertise

Blockchain-Ads was build by Web3 marketers and data engineers who have run campaigns for 167+ blockchain companies. They know very well how hard it is to target specific groups and figure out who took what action. 

Realistic ROI from Performance-Based Campaigns

Blockchain-Ads is performance-based, so you only pay for ad conversions. This means you can accurately calculate ROI instead of wasting money. Most advertisers see positive ROI within the first few days.

For example, Paras Marketplace on Near Protocol drove 300,000 unique site visitors and 12,000+ new collectors from a small $90k campaign spent in 30 days. 

This equals $5 million in sales, up from $40k, thanks to performance-based campaigns on BCA.

Access to Quality Web3 Audiences

BCA provides access to over 9,000 premium publishers and apps with crypto-native audiences. Target DeFi traders, NFT collectors, crypto gamers, and more to grow your community.


Complete Transparency and Control

Manage everything directly in your self-serve BCA account. Create audiences, launch campaigns, monitor performance, and more in one place. 

The learning curve is super low; anyone can sign up and launch their first campaign in less than 5 minutes.

It also allows you to invite more than one user to work on a campaign, making it ideal for companies with a large marketing team.

Deal Breakers to Be Aware Of

While Blockchain-Ads has compelling strengths, there are a few limitations to keep in mind:

Minimum Ad Spend

The minimum you can spend on BCA campaigns is $10,000. This ad spend cap ensures the maximum reach and effectiveness of your campaigns, although it may not be favorable for smaller projects.

Blockchain-Ads Quick Summary

Here’s a quick roundup of Blockchain-Ads’ capabilities




Decentralized web3 marketing platform for advertising, audience insights, campaign tracking, and data marketplace

Key Features

- Targeting based on wallet addresses/activity

- Audience segmentation

- Display and native ad formats 

- Publisher network of 9,000+ crypto websites/apps

- Analytics dashboard for tracking campaign performance

- Data marketplace for user insights

- 1-click integration with GA

- Retargeting capabilities


In-depth filtering based on blockchain activity, token holdings, demographics, interests, competitors' users, etc.


Customizable dashboard showing campaign performance, attribution, conversions, clicks, wallet connections, etc.

Ads Platform

Programmatic display and native ads across own ad network

Data Platform

Data marketplace connects advertisers to aggregated user insights from publishers


Minimum $10K per ad campaign based on performance

Ideal User

Crypto projects wanting to target proven crypto users at scale or access privacy-focused user data

Key Differentiator

Holistic on-chain/off-chain data and actionable insights with access to 11M+ crypto wallet holders

Our Thoughts

Blockchain-Ads provides performance-based advertising capabilities by unifying on-chain and off-chain data. This makes it ideal for reaching 11M+ wallet holders across its publisher network through display ads. 

Blockchain-Ads removes all limitations around targeting and tracking Web3 audiences at scale. The ability to tie wallets to cookies gives you more qualified users to display ads to.

Consider testing Blockchain-Ads for your next campaign to expose your project to crypto-native users and significantly move the needle.

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