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Top 10+ Crypto and Bitcoin Ad Networks in 2024 for Project Growth

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Crypto advertising should be on top of your list if you're launching a new token, promoting a blockchain service, or other crypto-related services. But traditional ad platforms like Google and Facebook won't allow you run just any type of crypto ad on their platforms. Which is a real bummer.

Thankfully, crypto ad networks like Blockchain-Ads, and others make it easy for your project to get in front of targeted crypto audiences that'll respond to your advertisements.

We've compiled and reviewed the top crypto ad networks for 2024 and beyond that'll help you attract more cryptocurrency-focused users without restrictions.

List of the top 10 crypto advertising networks in 2024 Compared

Here's a complete comparison of the top crypto ad networks of 2024 to help you find the perfect fit for your marketing needs:

Ad Network Parameters Blockchain-Ads Coinzilla Bitmedia A-ADS Adshares
Ad Formats Text, Video, Banners. Various (Banners, Native) Text, Image, Responsive, and HTML5 Text Static PNG, JPEG, animated GIF, MP4 videos.
Geo-targeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Device, OS targeting Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
Language targeting Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
On-chain audience profiling, Yes No No No No
Unique wallet targeting Yes No No No No
Behavioral ad targeting Yes No No No No
Traffic Volume Super high (1B+ impressions/day) High (1B impressions/month) High (1.5B imprssions/month) Moderate (103.5M impressions/month) Moderate (116.4M impressions/month)
Minimum Deposit 10,000 USD/month 50 EUR N/A - Minimum bid: 0.0000205 BTC Not specified 200 USD.
Publisher Directory Extensive (9000+ websites) Moderate (650+ websites) Small (550+ websites) Not specified Small (451+ websites)
USP On-chain audience matching HTML5 technology Self-serve campaigns Anonymity, No Tracking AdBlock Bypass

Top 10 Crypto Ad Networks for 2024 Explained

Including ad networks into your overall crypto marketing strategies can greatly improve your reach and lead to your success. Here are the top options you can consider in 2024:

1. Blockchain-Ads: Overall Best Performance-Based Crypto-Ad Network

Frustration over ad rejections and the lack of effective crypto advertising networks sparked the inception of Blockchain-Ads. 

Blockchain-Ads transforms the industry by offering tailor-made solutions for crypto projects and Web3 marketers. Its innovation lies in its laser-focused targeting via wallet addresses and advertising IDs, setting new standards for precision and impact in the field.

Why Blockchain-Ads stands out:

Advanced blockchain and wallet targeting: This means you can reach users who have recently used specific wallets, interacted with certain blockchains, hold particular tokens, and more.

Impact: With this level of precision, advertisers have more control in filtering out the noise and narrowing down their audience search for better conversion rates.

Precise Web3 demographic targeting for advertisers: Unlike other ad networks that solely rely on contextual targeting, Blockchain-Ads goes further through behavioral advertising by using personal data about specific users’ interests to deliver ads aligned to their preferences.

Impact: This ensures that your web3 gaming ads for example, will reach exclusively crypto gamers even when they browse unrelated websites like fashion blogs or cooking forums.

Real-time campaign performance stats: Blockchain-Ads provides advertisers with real-time analytics, offering clear insights into their marketing efforts. This eliminates guesswork and enables advertisers to make informed decisions.

Impact: This allows you to make real-time reactive changes to your campaign models, either to backtest or optimize existing strategies or change the approach completely.

Please read our full Blockchain-Ads review to understand how it can work for your project.

Why we like Blockchain-Ads Why we don’t like Blockchain-Ads
Expansive reach: Blockchain-Ads gets your project seen by over 11 million wallet holders across 9,000+ platforms. Minimum spending: The $10k minimum ad budget might seem like a lot for small projects, but it's worth it for getting noticed by the right audience.
Boosts dApp engagement: You can double downloads and sign-ups by targeting users already actively invested in the Web3 space.   
Niche-level growth: With its specific behavioral targeting model, Blockchain-Ads links you with individuals and entities that resonate with your project's goals. This means you would be reaching an audience that values and understands what you're offering.  
Check out Blockchain-Ads

2. Coinzilla: Navigating Native Advertising 


Coinzilla emerges as a crypto advertising network specializing in native ads. Founded in November 2016, their arsenal also includes a diverse range of promotional methods, such as floating and IAB banners, ensuring flexibility in campaign strategies. Coinzilla promotes the expanding crypto market and helps partners reach their revenue targets, giving flexibility in campaign strategies.


  • Self-service setup: You can customize your campaign's creative and targeting settings to be tailored precisely to your goals.
  • Exclusive partnerships: You can benefit from their partnerships with leading finance and cryptocurrency websites, ensuring that the right audience sees your ads.

Campaign optimization: Coinzilla offers advanced tracking and optimization tools to enhance campaign performance and provides dedicated campaign managers to guide the execution of your advertisements.

Why we like Coinzilla

Why we don’t like Coinzilla

Website Zone Targeting tool: With Coinzilla's Website Zone Targeting tool, you can block certain websites or zones from showing your ads. Plus, you can do this anytime during your campaign using the Campaign Optimization tab. 

Limited ad types: Although Coinzilla shines in cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns, its narrow focus on these ad types might limit advertisers.

3. Bitmedia: Banner Ads That Command Attention



Bitmedia takes center stage with its specialization in banner ads. Boasting a global reach and an array of targeting options, Bitmedia goes the extra mile by offering creative services that guarantee your ads stand out in the digital crowd.


Publisher selection: Advertisers can select their ad placements from a curated list of exclusive sources within its extensive crypto ad network.

Performance tracking: Advertisers benefit from a comprehensive suite of real-time metrics, such as views, interactions, and conversion rates, which are readily available.

Precise targeting: Bitmedia offers tools to create highly targeted ad campaigns based on interests, demographics and other criteria


Bitmedia provides flexible pricing models based on CPC or CPM indicators.

Why we like Bitmedia

Why we don’t like Bitmedia

Broad design choices: Bitmedia caters to a wide range of design preferences by offering rich media, HTML5 ads, text, graphics, and adaptable ad formats.

Contextual ad targeting: Inability to effectively adapt to dynamic changes in user behavior and preferences, leading to less precise ad placements and lower engagement rates.

4. Cointraffic: Innovating Ad Formats for Impact


A trailblazer in the crypto advertising arena, Cointraffic introduces innovative ad formats that captivate relevant audiences. From sticky to sliding formats, powered by cutting-edge HTML5 technology, Cointraffic is propelling the entire advertising industry to new heights.


  • Massive reach: With 700 million monthly premium traffic and a network of 600 publishers, Cointraffic holds a significant presence in crypto advertising, ensuring broad exposure.
  • Ad management: The platform offers a simple setup and automated ad management for ease of use.
  • Diverse Ad formats: Cointraffic provides a variety of ad formats, including banners and native ads.


  • One banner campaign: 20 EUR
  • Minimum marketing budget deposit: 500 EUR

Press release distribution campaign starting from 1,500 EUR

Why we like Cointraffic

Why we don’t like Cointraffic

Press release distribution: Cointraffic's press release distribution service delivers tailored content to influential cryptocurrency media outlets, giving advertisers a strategic edge in amplifying their brand message.

Delayed ad approval: The ad approval process may be time-consuming, sometimes taking 2-3 days.

5. Cointelegraph: A Hub for Crypto Advertising


Cointelegraph, a familiar name in the crypto realm, doesn't just offer news but also houses an advertising network. With a global reach and various targeting options, Cointelegraph provides a variety of ad formats, including banners, native ads, and video ads.

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Global Reach: Covers rapidly growing markets in Latin America, Europe, and emerging Asian crypto markets.

Trusted Source: Collaborates with top-tier companies in the Web3 industry and is recognized by traditional media outlets.


Reach out to the sales team for a custom quote.

Why we like Cointelegraph

Why we don’t like Cointelegraph

Brand promotion with feature articles and custom artwork: Feature articles and Cointelegraph-style custom-made artwork offer comprehensive promotion for crypto projects with logo integration.

Limited traffic: Ad services delivered by Cointelegraph is limited to only their website and their online assets.


6. CoinAd: An Exclusive Approach to Advertising

CoinAd sets itself apart by extending invitations to select publishers for inclusion in their platform. These privileged publishers reap substantial benefits within this exclusive ecosystem.


Multiple Ad formats: Choose from various ad formats to match your campaign's needs.

Self-service customization: Enjoy self-service options for creating and customizing ads according to your preferences.

PR story distribution: CoinAd facilitates the distribution of PR stories in about 50 crypto websites as a brand's visibility tactic.


CoinAd offers display advertising campaigns starting at just $0.10 CPC or $0.30 CPM.

Why we like CoinAd

Why we don’t like CoinAd

No advertising bids: CoinAd doesn’t auction advertising bids, ensuring every advertiser has equal visibility opportunities throughout the day.

Invite-only policy: CoinAd's invite-only policy restricts publisher options, limiting advertisers' choices


Focuses solely on contextual ads: CoinAd focuses mainly on the content of the page rather than on any one user’s data. This leads to higher probability of hit-and-miss ad targeting.

7. A-ADS: Pioneering Bitcoin Advertising 


A-ADS, formerly Anonymous Ads, is one of the oldest Bitcoin advertising networks, founded in 2011. It prioritizes anonymity in transactions, diverging from typical crypto ad platforms. With a solid reputation, it offers diverse advertising packages, connecting advertisers with their target audience effortlessly.


Anonymous Ad creation: A-ADS allows you to create ad units and campaigns without a user account, using only a Bitcoin address.

Non-intrusive advertising: Protects user privacy by preventing advertiser websites from collecting cookies.

High fill rate for crypto-centric content: Cryptocurrency-focused websites receive a 100% fill rate, consistently monetizing their ad spaces.


  • Bitcoin Plan: Ad Units: 2,492 Impressions per day; 1.22 million CPM; $52.41
  • All Traffic Plan: Ad Units: 14,892; Impressions per day; 3.92 million; CPM: $17.91
  • Blog Plan: Ad Units: 334; Impressions per day; 181.5 thousand; CPM: $3.04

Why we like A-ADS

Why we don’t like A-ADS

Varied ad business models: Offers three advertising models (CPD, CPA, CPM) for tailored campaigns based on specific goals and KPIs.

Limited ad formats: A-ADS primarily offers text-based ads, limiting options for advertisers who want varied options.

8. Impression (Formerly AdToken): Partnering for Enhanced Visibility

Impression, formerly AdToken, is a publisher partner that boosts content visibility and viewership while enabling targeted promotion in specific regions. Its prime traffic sources are Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and Ukraine.


Robust tracking and optimization tools: Enhance ad campaign effectiveness with comprehensive tracking and optimization tools.

Coordination of advertising supply chain: Maximize profits for all involved parties by streamlining the advertising supply chain.


Contact the sales team for a custom quote.

Why we like AdToken

Why we don’t like

Multilingual support: AdToken supports interfaces and advertisements in 25 languages, enhancing accessibility and reach.

Temporary downtime: The website is under maintenance at the time of writing.

DOT: Sharp Audience Profiling for Effective Targeting

dot ads

DOT shines with its Smart Audience Profiling function, empowering advertisers to target audiences classified into three key segments: general cryptocurrency enthusiasts, art lovers, and gamers.


Advanced geo-targeting: Targets specific ad locations and contexts to maximize relevance.

Free Ad Design & Free A/B Testing: Access complimentary ad design services and conduct A/B testing at no extra cost.

Free sponsored articles & press releases: Enjoy complimentary publication of sponsored articles and press releases


Pricing starts at $20/day per campaign

Why we like DOT

Why we don’t like DOT

Expansive reach: Your ads can reach over 300 crypto sites, including Cryptopolitan BSC.News, and ForexLive.

Contextual targeting: Limited ability to accurately understand user intent and preferences beyond the context of the webpage.

9. Adbit: Confluence of Crypto, Blockchain, and DeFi Advertising


AdBit emerges as a trailblazing advertising network bridging the worlds of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi. Its innovative approach connects advertisers with a diverse user base through an expanding publisher network.


Smart bid system: This feature claims to give optimal ad value by adjusting bids based on competition.

Display advertising: Adbit places your brand on top-tier websites like Forbes, Yahoo, and CNN, maximizing brand visibility.

Broad network reach: Broadcast your crypto brand across Adbit's extensive publisher network, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.


Reach out to the sales team for a custom quote.

Why we like AdBit

Why we don’t like AdBit

Easy setup: Yuo can register your website domain, wait for approval, create ad units in various sizes, and embed the code on your platform.

Bidding war: Bidders with larger budgets may dominate ad placements, limiting visibility for smaller advertisers.

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10. Coinserom: Advertising Solutions with Advanced Traffic Protection


Established in 2017, Coinserom is one of the premier crypto ad networks in the industry. Coinserom helps with custom advertising campaigns, giving choices like CPC, CPM, and pop-under ads. 

Plus, it has a smart anti-bot system to keep traffic real and cut out any fake clicks or activity. Advertisers can tweak their ads to make sure they're reaching the right people and not wasting any resources.


Effortless registration: Coinserom offers a straightforward registration process for users to get started quickly and easily.

Anti-bot detection: Coinserom uses advanced anti-bot tech to safeguard ad campaigns from fraudulent activities.


Reach out to the sales team for a quote

Why we like Coinserom

Why we don’t like Coinserom

24/7 customer support: Coinserom provides round-the-clock customer support to address any queries or concerns promptly.

Contextual Ad Targeting: One drawback is that it offers contextual ad targeting, limiting the reach and effectiveness of campaigns.

11. Coin Network: Niche Audience Targeting

coin network

Coin Network's crypto ad network connects advertisers with engaged crypto audiences, allowing publishers to monetize their content through relevant, quality ads. Operated by BuySellAds, it pioneers crypto ad payments on Reddit. It serves as Blockchain's exclusive advertising partner, offering geo-targeting and access to a substantial user base, making it ideal for targeting specialized crypto communities.


Relevant ads: Curates ads to match brands that excite your community.

Natural-looking ads: Its model works specifically to blend into the content of crypto websites for a user-friendly experience.


Contact the sales team for a custom quote

Why we like Coin Network

Why we don’t like Coin Network

Support help: You get support from ad revenue experts and a full-stack ad management suite.

Challenges with Publisher Directory: Bloggers struggle with a cluttered publisher directory, making it hard for advertisers to find and differentiate their blogs.

12. Adshares: Beyond Traditional Advertising


Adshares is a well-established player focusing on promoting crypto, blockchain, and NFT initiatives. Besides traditional banner ads, Adshares shines a spotlight on sponsored articles, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and exchange listings.


Real-time settlement: Immediate results without bidding, reducing uncertainty.

AdBlock Bypass: Minimizes ad-blocking risk by decentralizing ad servers.

Open-source SDK: Allows seamless integration into the blockchain ecosystem for developers.


Contact sales team for a quote.

Why we like Adshares

Why we don’t like Adshares

Eliminates middleman: Significantly lower fees due to direct deals between publishers and advertisers, bypassing intermediaries.

Service complexity: The complexity of the service may not be intuitive for investors and users.

No clear pricing: lack of clear ad pricing on the website makes it difficult for advertisers to plan campaigns effectively

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What is a crypto ad network?

A crypto ad network connects crypto-related advertisers with websites, blogs, and forums that cater to a cryptocurrency audience. This allows projects to promote their offerings directly to interested users.

Unlike general ad platforms like Google AdSense, crypto ad networks focus solely on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. This specialized knowledge allows them to provide more effective and targeted advertising.

Crypto ad networks often leverage decentralized technologies for enhanced security and privacy. They can accept payments in both cryptocurrency and traditional (fiat) currency. Advertisers may face minimum deposit and budget requirements, while publishers can control which ads are displayed on their sites based on location for the best fit.

Crypto ad networks are essential for effective advertising in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. They help crypto projects reach their target audience and gain valuable exposure.

What is the best platform for crypto ads?

Blockchain-Ads is the best platform for crypto ads because it offers advanced behavioral targeting based on on-chain activity. This includes precise wallet targeting and leveraging blockchain transaction data for specific ad-targeting purposes.  

This advanced targeting allows advertisers to reach a highly responsive audience that is deeply engaged in areas relevant to their blockchain product offerings.  

For example, promoting an NFT marketplace to users actively participating in digital art auctions based on their wallet activity.

Choosing the Best Crypto Advertising Network

Selecting the ideal crypto advertising network involves considering several factors:

  • Budget: Costs vary widely, so choose a network that fits your budget.
  • Target Audience: Different networks cater to different demographics; opt for one aligned with your target audience.
  • Ad Formats: Ensure your chosen network supports the ad types you plan to use.
  • Reporting Capability: Effectiveness tracking is crucial; opt for a network with robust reporting features.

More on the Top Ad Networks for Cryptocurrencies

What's the best crypto ad network?

The "best" crypto ad network varies based on your needs and budget. Popular choices include Blockchain-Ads, Cointraffic, Adbit, and Coinzilla.

Where can I advertise crypto projects? 

Besides crypto ad networks, you can promote crypto projects on platforms like crypto news sites, forums, and social media channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

How do I advertise cryptocurrency? 

Build a presence on social platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Steemit, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord, engaging with crypto communities.

What's the earliest crypto ad network?

 A-ADS holds the distinction of being one of the earliest crypto advertising networks on the market.

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