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10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks for Project Growth in 2023

Whether you’re launching a new token or promoting a blockchain service, the best crypto ad networks can help your project get the spotlight it deserves. Have you ever tried running a marketing campaign on Google and Facebook? Yes, they don’t support any crypto-related ads, making it difficult to reach the right people who may want to participate in your IDO or NFT mint. 

This is why you need to find the best crypto ad networks to give you the visibility you need to scale your project. So, what are the best crypto advertising networks that can help attract, nurture, and convert leads for your project in 2023?

What is a crypto ad network?

Crypto ad networks are specialized advertising platforms connecting crypto projects and companies with publishers willing to host their advertisements. These networks are specifically tailored for the crypto and blockchain industry. This makes them invaluable for projects seeking to tap into an audience already interested in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto advertising networks offer targeted advertising solutions that simplify promoting your business and services. You’ll have access to a wide crypto-smart demographic, specialized ad formats, detailed reporting, and analytics.

The best crypto advertising networks in 2023

Understanding crypto ad networks is your first step towards effective and efficient project promotion. The next step if finding the best network that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Blockchain-Ads: Overall Best Performance-Based Crypto-Ad Network

Frustration over ad rejections and the lack of effective crypto advertising networks sparked the inception of Blockchain-Ads. This groundbreaking network is transforming the industry by offering tailor-made solutions for crypto projects and Web3 marketers. Its innovation lies in its laser-focused targeting via wallet addresses and advertising IDs, setting new standards for precision and impact in the field.

Read our full Blockchain-Ads review to understand how it can work for your project.

Coinzilla: Navigating Native Advertising 

Coinzilla emerges as a crypto advertising network specializing in native ads. Their arsenal also includes a diverse range of promotional methods, such as floating and IAB banners, ensuring flexibility in campaign strategies.

Bitmedia: Banner Ads That Command Attention


Bitmedia takes center stage with its specialization in banner ads. Boasting a global reach and an array of targeting options, Bitmedia goes the extra mile by offering creative services that guarantee your ads stand out in the digital crowd.

CoinTraffic: Innovating Ad Formats for Impact

A trailblazer in the crypto advertising arena, CoinTraffic introduces innovative ad formats that captivate relevant audiences. From sticky to sliding formats, powered by cutting-edge HTML5 technology, CoinTraffic is propelling the entire advertising industry to new heights.

Cointelegraph: A Hub for Crypto Advertising

Cointelegraph, a familiar name in the crypto realm, doesn't just offer news but also houses an advertising network. With a global reach and various targeting options, Cointelegraph provides a variety of ad formats, including banners, native ads, and video ads.

CoinAd: An Exclusive Approach to Advertising

CoinAd sets itself apart by extending invitations to select publishers for inclusion in their platform. These privileged publishers reap substantial benefits within this exclusive ecosystem.

A-ADS: Pioneering Bitcoin Advertising 

In the realm of Bitcoin advertising networks, A-ADS holds the crown as one of the oldest, with a history spanning over a decade. It offers diverse advertising packages, facilitating effortless connections between advertisers and their intended audience.

AdToken: Partnering for Enhanced Visibility

AdToken stands as a partner for publishers, boosting content visibility and viewership while enabling targeted promotion in specific regions. Its prime traffic sources are from Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and Ukraine.

DOT: Sharp Audience Profiling for Effective Targeting

DOT shines with its Smart Audience Profiling function, empowering advertisers to target audiences classified into three key segments: general cryptocurrency enthusiasts, art aficionados, and gamers.

Adbit: Confluence of Crypto, Blockchain, and DeFi Advertising

Adbit emerges as a trailblazing advertising network bridging the worlds of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi. Its innovative approach connects advertisers with a diverse user base through an expanding publisher network.

Varanida: Empowering All Stakeholders 

Varanida creates a win-win for all stakeholders, providing advertisers with effective ad placements while safeguarding user privacy and experience. Employing blockchain principles, Varanida lets users control their ad exposure preferences while offering transparent reporting for any challenges that arise.

Coin Network: Niche Audience Targeting

Coin Network's crypto ad network connects advertisers with engaged crypto audiences, allowing publishers to monetize their content through relevant, quality ads.

Adshares: Beyond Traditional Advertising

Adshares is a well-established player focusing on promoting crypto, blockchain, and NFT initiatives. Apart from traditional banner ads, Adshares shines a spotlight on sponsored articles, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and exchange listings.

Choosing the Perfect Crypto Advertising Network

Selecting the ideal crypto advertising network involves considering several factors:

  • Budget: Costs vary widely, so choose a network that fits your budget.
  • Target Audience: Different networks cater to different demographics; opt for one aligned with your target audience.
  • Ad Formats: Ensure your chosen network supports the ad types you plan to use.
  • Reporting Capability: Effectiveness tracking is crucial; opt for a network with robust reporting features.


What's the best crypto ad network?

The "best" crypto ad network varies based on your needs and budget. Popular choices include Blockchain-Ads, Cointraffic, Adbit, and Coinzilla.

Where can I advertise crypto projects? 

Besides crypto ad networks, you can promote crypto projects on platforms like crypto news sites, forums, and social media channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

How do I advertise cryptocurrency? 

Build a presence on social platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Steemit, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord, engaging with crypto communities.

What's the earliest crypto ad network?

 A-ADS holds the distinction of being one of the earliest crypto advertising networks on the market.

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