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5 Best Crypto Marketing Strategies To Sell Out Your Tokens

When it comes to crypto and Web3, hype and buzz are the rules of the game. To truly sell out your tokens and grow a lively community, you’ll need the best crypto marketing strategies to push your project to the right audience. 

The good news is that there are many options to try, from Medium marketing to influencer marketing and press releases. The bad news is that knowing which strategy fits your project—and your pocket—can be difficult.

But don’t give up just yet. This article will explain the 5 most effective cryptocurrency marketing strategies to get you the highest reach while saving you money.

Best crypto marketing strategies - the top 5 list

Now, let’s dive into the top 5 crypto marketing strategies you can use to get your project out there.

  • Press release
  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid promotions
  • Medium
  • Reddit

1. Press release

80% of the time, when new projects launch, press releases are their first choice. Why? This tried-and-true method allows them to create awareness by posting many articles and news stories on crypto websites. 

These online news and media outlets have garnered millions of readers who check their content daily. The best part is that most of them focus mainly on blockchain and Web3 topics, so you can rest assured that your content gets in front of a targeted audience. 

Press releases are a great crypto marketing strategy you should try. The only downside is that it is super expensive, and there’s no way to measure its effectiveness.

2. Influencer marketing

The crypto influencer marketing strategy is also one of the biggest outlets for creating buzz around your project. Here’s how it works. You can find big influencers that talk about crypto-related stuff on popular platforms like YouTube, X, and Instagram. Then, you reach out to these guys to talk about your project or mention it to their large audience.

Like press releases, it’s still an expensive option, and tracking its effectiveness is nearly impossible. Plus, some accounts tend to have an inflated following. But, when done right, you could be looking at massive adoption for your project.

3. Paid crypto promotions

Blobkchain-Ads dashboards showing paid promotions analytics
Blobkchain-Ads dashboards showing paid promotions analytics

Google Ads and Meta are popular for paid promotions, but recent policy changes make ICO-related campaigns impossible. This necessitated the launch of paid crypto advertising platforms like Coinzilla, Bitmedia, Blockchain-Ads, and Cointraffic to cater for the Web3 demographic. This crypto marketing strategy is a surefire way to go because it gives you immediate visibility and reach, especially if you're launching an ICO or airdrop. 

The not-so-pleasant part, however, is that it's quite difficult to really nail down crypto users. Not unless you’re using Blockchain-Ads, which offers a more streamlined targeting approach with its Web3 cookie tech compared to other paid crypto promotion platforms. You can read our comprehensive Blockchain-Ads review to know how it can benefit your project.

4. Medium homepage

Medium should be on your list if you’re looking for a free crypto marketing strategy. Medium is a text-based platform that quickly became a hub for emerging tech content—crypto, AI, you name it.

Why we love this strategy is that Medium already has an audience waiting for you. So, all you have to do is open an account and create engaging content around your project and the crypto industry. 

Ensure you follow other accounts on the platform and try to establish yourself as an authority. It will take a lot of time and effort, but you’ll surely get there.

5. Reddit

Reddit, a content-sharing platform, is ideal for sharing project updates. Engage in subreddits like r/cryptocurrency, which boasts over 6.1M subscribers. To get started, you first need to gain users' trust by participating in discussions before promoting your project. After that, consider creating a subreddit for your project. Avoid over-promotion to maintain the post's value.

Other crypto marketing strategies to consider

  • Use Referral Programs: Referral programs reward both promoters and referrals, fostering a loyal customer base and driving high conversion rates.
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs: These programs leverage affiliates' existing customer bases to drive traffic. Their use by major platforms like Coinbase and Binance attests to their effectiveness.
  • Airdrop Tokens: Airdrops distribute free crypto tokens to registered users, creating buzz, increasing reach, and bringing liquidity to your project.
  • Email Marketing: Despite the rise of other channels, email marketing remains an effective crypto marketing strategy. Use email databases to send weekly newsletters, airdrop alerts, and other updates directly to potential customers.
  • Utilize Telegram: Launching an official Telegram channel allows you to connect with your audience, spread the word about upcoming events, and answer questions. You can create multiple channels for different purposes, such as discussions, announcements, and Q&A sessions.

How do you make a crypto project successful?

The best way to actually make your project successful is by creating enough buzz around it. This means creating effective ad campaigns to get your project in front of as many people as possible. To do that, you’ll need to leverage paid promotions on platforms like Blockchain-Ads.

Blockchain-Ads is a new platform and quite an underrated marketing strategy. Have you ever wondered, “How do I target only whales or people using the MetaMask wallet?” Press releases can’t do that; even paid promotions on Google Ads can’t do that yet.

But with Blockchain-Ads, you can not only target users based on the wallets they own; you can also filter them by audience type or the blockchains they interact with. This gives you a better chance of reaching the right people who are most likely to be interested in your project.

Blockchain-Ads basically take the guesswork out of your marketing and give you a better ROI compared to other crypto marketing strategies. The best part is that it's fully Web3-native—it preserves the privacy and anonymity that we all love and enjoy.

What is the most effective crypto marketing strategy?

Some people will argue that influencer marketing is the best crypto marketing strategy. But we all know that’s not entirely true.

The most effective strategy we’ve seen—one that guarantees maximum conversions—is paid promotions through Blockchain-Ads. This method allows you to target specific crypto wallet holders instead of a random audience that may or may not be interested in your project.

To give you a bit of context, a YouTube influencer was paid $15k for a 30-second DeFi ad in his video. Based on the tracked analysis, only 38 of his followers visited the website from the following the link in his video. Plus, out of that number of visitors, only 12 connected their wallets, and 3 made deposits. Even then, the total liquidity deposited was below $2K. We don’t need to do further math to conclude this was a bad return on investment.

Now, with paid promotions through Blockchain-ads, you only pay for the acquisitions you get. They’ve devised a unique Web3-focused marketing tactic that ensures you only target and convert people most likely to invest in your project. You can also see how your campaign is performing in real-time through their dashboard, making it easy to track your ad budget and its effectiveness.


There’s always a new crypto project launching every minute, and it only makes the market more competitive. So, finding the best crypto marketing strategies can give you an added advantage over others and help you sell out faster. 

Based on our experience, the best marketing strategies you should consider are Blockchain-Ads, press releases, and influencer marketing. You can combine them or focus on one at a time. The main goal is finding the best option that’ll ensure you get the most ROI with less spending.

Ekokotu Emmanuel Eguono