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July 12, 2024


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Helping Carbon Browser achieve massive scale and adoption for Web3 Natives

Carbon Browser was the most successful IDO of 2023 at the time of their launch in Q1, and they required a proper advertising platform and plan to scale their marketing efforts globally. By targeting active Web3 natives and Crypto traders, while leveraging the team's experience in online campaigns optimization, we were able to acquire 15,000 new holders on a $3 CPA.

Achieving ROI positive Web3 Advertising during adverse market conditions

The focus of Carbon Browser is to achieve massive scale by leveraging their top end technology and several unique selling proposition. Like many businesses in this industry, advertising is very hard as you cannot directly promote your token on the main online ad networks and social media like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Platforms like Coinzilla and Bitmedia, which leverage contenxtual targeting are not able to bring enough return to run large scale ad campaigns without incurring in massive costs and negative ROI.

By leveraging its "web3 cookie" technology and network of 9,000 high quality publishers, Blockchain-Ads was able to acquire 15,000 traders in the span of 30 days with a $50,000 spent.

Targeted User Personas
  • Crypto Traders with frequent activity in the past 30 days
  • Recurring users on Crypto Trading blogs, forums and communities
  • Token Holders of other Web3 browsers and user privacy-based projects
  • Active users on DeFi protocols and dApps .

Over the initial 30 days of advertising, we focused on A/B testing different audiences and messaging to find optimize the CPA and scale ad spend for maximum profitability.

Example of banner ad

The initial ads were focused on acquiring community members and boosting app downloads numbers. Converting users were then re-targeted with Staking ads in order to encourage them to invest in $CSIX token. Despite the overall negative market segment at the time, a good coordination between Blockchain-Ads and Carbon messaging and marketing activities brought the CPA on new token holders down to $3.

The influx on new token holders was crucial to keep the price stable after the initial post-TGE token drop, maintaining investors' confidence in the project and combat FUD.

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Case Review

The focus: a highly scalable campaign focused on attracting new token holders to the exponentially growing Carbon Browser

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Case Timeline

March 25 2023 - May 25 2023


Web3 Browser

How we helped
  • $50,000 Ad budget
  • 4,000 new Token Holders
  • 5,460 new dApp downloads
  • 20,000 new community members

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