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Unique Wallet Targeting

On-Chain Audience Profiling

Intelligent Web3 Cookie

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How it works


Data Collection

Whenever a user connects their wallet on one of our data providers/publishers, an anonymous ID is assigned to their device


Segment audience

We Index the blockchain and categorize people based on their wallet address holdings and activity


Display web3 personalized ads

Show highly relevant ads.
Ex. DeFi users will see DeFi related ads….


Measure on-chain conversions

The web3 cookie library enables end to end tracking and calculates the ROI on your ad spend


Collects Data

The web3 cookie creates the user's digital footprint both on the web and on-chain

Anonymous web3 audiences, are build using ZK proof

50% revenue share for our data partners and publishers,  apps/websites/dApps

Blockchain Ads Analytics Dashboard
Display Ads

Displaying Ads to Web3 Audience across 9000+ websites and apps

Web3 Audiences of 12M+  users profiles from the Data Market

Most effective advertising solution in the crypto vertical

Compaign Creation Analytics
Measure Performance

Full Visibility on On-Chain & Off-Chain User Behavior

From a website visit to a transaction on-chain

Game-changing for measuring ROI

Blockchain-Ads Dashboard 1
Web3 Audience
Websites displaying Ads
Blockchains indexed

Get in front of your ideal audience from any chain

Crypto Traders

Web3 Gamers

DeFi Users

NFT Collectors

Web3 Ad Tech

Top performing Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem!

Web3 Ad tech - Top pefroming decentralized advertising ecosystem - blockchain-ads platform

P2P Ad Server - Decentralized marketplace for advertisers and publishers

Wallet Targeting Technology - Display Personalized Web3  Ads

Web3 Cookie -footprint from browsing data and  on-chain behavior

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"We are running more than 45 campaigns for 10 different projects. The BCA team is outperforming anything else we have seen. Reminds me on Facebook Ads in 2014. WILD. We're able to scale our campaigns massively. Increase number of token holders, sales, increase volume, acquire high value traders."
Adam Jordan - Founder at Social Kick
Adam Jordan
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