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"We are running more than 45 campaigns for 10 different projects. The BCA team is outperforming anything else we have seen.
Reminds me on Facebook Ads in 2014. WILD. We're able to scale our campaigns massively. Increase number of token holders, sales, increase volume, High value traders….."
Adam Jordan - CEO SocialKick - photo on reviews page
Adam Jordan
CEO - Social Kick Marketing Agency
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"Absolutely professional and effective, our Dex Cost Per Wallet Connection went down to $12."
Alexandra Korneva - CMO of Rubic Finance - photo on reviews page
Alexandra Korneva
CMO - Rubic.Finance
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I recommend Blockchain-Ads and the team as they are the only ones that come forward with solution and hit our Growth KPIs.
Ross Gates - Head of Growth at - photo on reviews page
Ross Gates
Head of Growth -
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"The BCA team are moving on the fly. Definitely the next generation of Advertising Technology. Highly effective web3 campaigns"
Bryan Colligan - CEO at Alpha Growth - photo on reviews page
Bryan Colligan
CEO - Alpha Growth
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Blockchain-Ads campaigns targeting polygon users and matic holders were great addition to our Space Metaverse user acquisition efforts.
Batis Samandian - Founder of SPACE
Batis Samandian
Founder of SPACE
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"Easily the best Web3 advertising software on the market, right now. Love the automated detailed report on pre-sales campaign transactions"
Zack - Marketing Director at eTukTuk
Marketing Director at eTukTuk
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"Reached 15K token holders in less than 2 months.
On-chain metrics, off-the-charts performance."
James - Co-Founder at Carbon Browser - photo on reviews page
Co-Founder at Carbon Browser
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Absolutely best performing Web3 Advertising tool that works.
We use Blockchain-Ads for all our portfolio companies.
Harry Lewis - Co Founder at Capital - photo on reviews page
Harry Lewis
Co-founder at  Capital
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"The only real Web3 ad solution we've found. Great for hitting client KPIs."
Boris Goreslavskiy - Co founder at GO Mobile Marketing - photo on reviews page
Boris Goreslavskiy
Co-founder at GO Mobile Marketing
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""Blockchain-Ads is a game-changer for anyone in the crypto space looking to marketing solution. I recommend them to all marketers in crypto."
Samuel Dye - Founder at RA3 Global - photo on reviews page
Samuel Dye
Founder at RA3 Global
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"Ten days in and we're already seeing a surge in account openings on Mercado Bitcoin. The quality of traffic has been exceptional."
Stela Aryes - Marketing Officer at Mercado Bitcoin - photo on reviews page
Stela Aryes
Marketing Officer, Mercado Bitcoin
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"We use Blockchain-Ads for our Token Launch -
It is the only Marketing solution that can actually measure perfoamnce and Return on the Advertising spend. Highly Recommend them"
Jules - Marketing Lead at The Standard - photo on reviews page
Marketing Lead at The Standard
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"Ran campaings for our Token pre-sales campaings. Sold out in 4min.
Blockchain-Ads is a must when prepare your web3 Marketing Strategy. It is a great complement to ours."
Steve - Marketing lead and Partner at EstateX - photo on reviews page
Marketing Lead & Partner at EstateX
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"Four months with Blockchain-Ads and we saw FTDs from month one. Conversion rates? Through the roof."
Artem Khomenko - Media Buyer at Fairspin Casino - photo on reviews page
Artem Khomenko
Media Buyer at Fairspin Casino