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Campaigns Strategy

Brand Awareness
Get your brand in front of your ideal user, all the time

Value Proposition and hooks that will get people to engage

Acquire users; get transaction/sales/volume

Gaming Metaverse

45,000 registrations | 11,000 NFT mints
Budget: $65,000 Duration: 60 Days
Cost per New Active User
ROI (12 months)
LTV (12 months)

GameFi & NFT Marketplace

$5,000,000 monthly sales
Budget: $90,000 Duration: 180 Days
Transactional Volume Increase
From $ 200k to $5M
User Average LTV (12 months)
ROI (12 months)
Cost per Action (Transactions)


+1,250 Paid Gamers | +23% ARPU
Budget: $30,000 Duration: 30 Days
Avg Revenue per player
Cost/First Transaction
Cost/Sign Ups

Play 2Earn

+6,400 Paid Gamers | +800% Token Price
Budget: $50,000 Duration: 60 Days
Avg Revenue per player
Cost /First Transaction
Cost per in-game Trade (Avg)

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