Refund Policy

Conditions for a refund

Refund of funds used for an ad campaign:

Blockchain-Ads is a P2P Marketplace that splits of the advertising budget between publishers and data providers. The platform fee is 15% of the overall advertising budget. For these reasons, we do not issue refunds for ad budgets that have already been spent in advertising. However, advertisers can communicate with the Blockchain-Ads team to pause the campaigns at any time via email or Telegram.

Refund of funds not used for an ad campaign:

The User is entitled to claim a refund of funds not used if the campaign’s results do not meet their expectations. The User has to provide 48 hours for any requests for refund. Refund requests made prior to 5 days after campaigns launch will be subject to an administration fee equal to 15% of the campaigns’ media budget, this is to prevent users from funding a campaign and immediately asking for refunds.

All funded accounts that have been inactive for up to 6 months will lose access to refunds.

Refund process

Once a refund request has been received by the Blockchain-Ads team via email or Telegram, the team will proceed to immediately freeze the campaigns and record unused campaigns balance. The team will then proceed to refund the balance minus the fees.

Refunds will be processed within 7-14 business days from contacting the Blockchain-Ads team via Telegram or email.

For Crypto balance, the Blockchain-Ads team will refund the unused balance based on the USD Value of the Crypto currency at the moment of deposit. For example, if the unused campaigns’ balance is $5000, the refunded amount will be $5000 regardless off the current price of the cryptocurrency the deposit was made.

Please note that it is not possible to fund campaigns using specific Cryptocurrency and receive a refund in that same cryptocurrency, but it is possible to fund campaigns in fiat and ask for a refund in Crypto. In this case, the amount of Crypto to be refunded will be calculated based on the Crypto price at the time the refund is made.

For any specific request, please contact the Blockchain-Ads team via Telegram or email at