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Web3 Advertising and how it works.

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What is Blockchain-Ads?
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Blockchain-Ads is the only web3 native Advertising Network, with Wallet Targeting capabilities.
It enables advertising to people based on their behavior on the blockchain:
- the tokens they hold and the smart contracts they interact with.

How does it work?
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BCA technology, dubbed “web3 cookie”, follows the same logic as traditional cookies, building a user digital footprint both on the web and on the blockchain. Digital profile is built that has the wallet address and the device (mobile) ID.  

OCAM (On Chain Audience Matching) technology is used to match users' web3 ID (wallet address) and the web2 ID (advertising ID) for targeting.
More information on our Technology page.

Is it privacy compliant?
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To secure complete data privacy, BCA tech stack uses Zero-Knowledge Proof technology and MPC (Multi Party Computation)

Web2 tracking (website and in-app) is build on Matomo technology, which is the only technology to be exempted from GDPR rules by the CNIL (ruling body for privacy in France):

How do I get started on Blockchain-ads?
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You can get started by contacting the media team, by submitting a contact form or schedule a direct onboarding call who will set you up with an account and give you access to the platform.

The process is same as traditional Web2 advertising platforms,  and in order to run ads, you will need a landing page and ads.
*Blockchain-Ads team offer free ads creation for all advertisers.

What blockchain users or smart contract users can I target?
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While setting up the campaigns in the Targeting section you can choose any of the:

    - Predefined web3 Audiences (e.g. Play2Earn gamers, DeFi degens, crypto traders,...) or set up

- Custom audiences by providing the smart contract address or the list of wallet addresses you want to reach - contact the BCA team for support.

How big is Blockchain-Ads' audience and how do we know the wallets we are targeting are active?
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- Top 37 blockchains and indexed every 24h.
- 12M data points of web3 users are part of the predefined audience as of October 2023.
- Only wallets that are active in the last 30 days are matched back as active audiences.
- For custom audiences additional chains can be indexed and the wallet activity can be extended to 60,90,120 days.

What are the Ads specifications and how they look like?
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Blockchain-Ads runs: Display Ads
File format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .png, .gif
File size: 700kb max.  
Banner Ad sizes: 900x600   300x250   160x600   200x200   240x400   468x60   728x90   250x250   300x600   320x50   320x100   336x280   970x90   970x250  

Where will my ads show?
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Blockchain-Ads network of publishers consists of 9,000+ websites and apps, which effectively makes it the biggest web3 ad network.
You can view our top publishers here.

What is the minimum Ad budget?
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$10,000 minimum ad spend per month. All campaigns are currently run as Managed Service with full access to the platform for the advertisers.

What is your business model? How do you charge?
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CPM business model. Cost per 1000 impressions.
CPA business model. Cost per Action (only applicable for Ad budget above $50K)

What are the average CPM and CPA costs of Blockchain-Ads?
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The cost per Mile and Action is dependent on multiple factors, but the average cost can be found in the blockchain-ads media kit.

How do I measure the success of my campaigns?
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You can track results of your campaigns on Blockchain-Ads platform. Access will be provided by the Media team.
BCA have end to end analytics, from website visits to on-chain transactions, so you can track the ROI of your ad budget. For that you will have to install a pixel on your website.

What kind of analytics services do you offer?
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We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions to help you understand the performance of your web applications. This includes traditional Web2 analytics, as well as cutting-edge Web3 analytics to provide insights into decentralized applications.
To learn more about our specific Web3 & Web2 Analytics offerings, please visit our dedicated page Web3 & Web2 Analytics.

How does the Blockchain-Ads pixel work?
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Blockchain-Ads pixel allows our network to track and optimize for on-page actions such as form fills and non-web3 transactions, similar to other ad networks’ pixels. Matomo tech is used to preserve users’ privacy without compromising the advertisers’ ability to track important events on their websites.

What results will I get from my campaigns?
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Based on 3rd party Analytics BCA has outperformed any other acquisition tool in 2023, by average of 8:1.
You can check Blockchain-Ads results on our website by navigating to “Solutions” at the top of the screen.
You can also read about our advertisers’ performance on our Case Studies section.

What are some of the brands/companies that are advertising on Blockchain-Ads?
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Binance, OKX, Coinbase, Gala Games, NEAR, Cosmos, Disney…. Are some of the notable names advertising on BCA.
You can see some of the results HERE.
There are more than 200 companies that are using BCA for Advertising for their web3 business line.

Can I speak with someone that has experience with BCA or has used it themselves?
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Yes. You can get in touch with some of the marketing agencies that are using BCA and have run multiple campaigns.

Is there a refund policy?
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Our refund policy, privacy policy and advertising agreement are available in the footer section on our website.

Can I get more information on the technology?
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You can find high level information about our technology in the Technology section of our website - as well download links to our Whitepaper and Ecosystem documentation.
For more information, you can reach out to the team through our Contact Us page or in our Telegram group.

How can I become a publisher of Blockchain-Ads?
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Blockchain-Ads is not onboarding new publishers at the moment. We will update this section once we open up registrations for new publishers.

Can I refer an advertiser to Blockchain-Ads?
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Yes, you can do so through our Partner Program. We currently have a lifetime 10% referral commission for all referrers.

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