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What is Blockchain-Ads?
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Web3-native Advertising platform that is build for performance.

How is it different from other Web3 Advertising solutions?
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Blockchain-Ads leverages an innovative proprietary technology known as web3cookie. By uniquely linking a wallet address to a device, whether it's a phone, laptop, or tablet, we enable advertisers to target their audience with pinpoint precision. This approach allows brands to reach individuals based on their specific on-chain behavior, setting Blockchain-Ads apart from any other advertising solution.

Where are the ads displayed?
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Displayed on a network of 9000+ apps and websites, some of them are,,,,,

How can I use the platform?
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Click on the "Start Now" button and schedule an onboarding call. Go live in 24-48h. The media team will guide you step by step and provide fully managed service.

Display ads - Image ads, HTML ads and direct ads.
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Display ads - Image ads, HTML ads and direct ads.

Why is Blockchain-Ads performance-based, on what basis?
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Blockchain-Ads isn't just another platform; it's a paradigm shift in the web3 advertising space. Our performance-based approach stems from the tangible results we deliver. Outperforming any other paid acquisition tool by an astonishing degree, we make a steadfast promise to our BCA advertisers: Expect to see a 60% reduction in your cost per acquisition and a doubling of conversions, including user acquisitions, sales, and revenue, all within the first 30-45 days. It's not just advertising; it's a strategic partnership driving your success.

Scale faster with Blockchain Ads.

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"We are running more than 45 campaigns for 10 different projects. The BCA team is outperforming anything else we have seen. Reminds me on Facebook Ads in 201. WILD. We're able to scale our campaigns massively. Increase number of token holders, sales, increase volume, High value traders, performs."
Adam Jordan - Founder at Social Kick
Adam JordanXing
Founder - Social Kick