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Crypto Email Marketing: How to Launch a Crypto Email Successful Campaign

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A well-executed crypto email marketing campaign can help with your project’s launch and community onboarding. With the right crypto email marketing strategy, you can connect, target, and communicate insightful information about your cryptocurrency projects to potential investors with ease.

At Blockchain-Ads, email marketing is part of our overall crypto marketing strategy, thanks to our weekly newsletter. Other projects using our platform are also crushing it with email marketing and we’ve talked about it in previous articles.

So, who better to tell you how to create and launch a successful crypto email marketing strategy than people who’re doing it?

What is crypto email marketing?

Crypto email marketing refers to the use of email marketing campaigns to promote cryptocurrency-related projects, products, or services. Email is the most effective marketing channel, according to 41% of marketers. Even more of them think it generates leads twice as well as other channels like PPC and social media.

Crypto email marketing can include:

  • Newsletters: sharing updates, news, and insights about the crypto space.
  • Token sales: Promoting token sales, ICOs, or STOs.
  • Product promotions: marketing crypto-related products, such as wallets, exchanges, or hardware.
  • Event promotions: promoting webinars, conferences, or meetups related to cryptocurrency.
  • Educational content: sharing tutorials, guides, or educational resources about cryptocurrency.
  • Community building: building and engaging with a community of crypto enthusiasts.
  • Affiliate marketing: promoting other crypto-related products or services and earning commissions.
  • Token airdrops: distributing free tokens to subscribers.
  • Exclusive offers: providing special deals or discounts to email subscribers.
  • Market updates: sharing market analysis, trends, and insights.

Email marketing for cryptocurrencies requires a deep understanding of the crypto space and its regulations. You also need to be conversant with and compliant with anti-spam laws and best practices for email marketing.

How to Define Your Crypto Email Marketing Goals

The first step in getting your blockchain email marketing campaign right is clearly highlighting what your goals are.

What's the main aim of your crypto email marketing campaign? 

  • Are you trying to attract crypto investors to a token sale? 
  • Is the focus on investor acquisition using ICO marketing? 
  • Would your campaign be based on building trust and authority or on pre-sale/ICO promotion?

All these questions will help shape your Web3 marketing strategy; knowing who your target audience is and how to target them.

Identifying Your Target Audience in Crypto

Knowing your target audience is crucial to achieving your crypto email marketing goals and creating a campaign that has an impact.

First, you need to establish an investor profile for your target audience, which goes beyond demographics. Factors you should take into account include their needs, interests, experience level, risk tolerance, and investment objectives.

Then, you can conduct a target audience analysis using the investor profile to segment your target market into groups according to traits they have in common.

Some segments to target for your crypto email marketing campaign include:

  • Whales: Large-scale investors or traders who hold significant amounts of cryptocurrencies or tokens.
  • HODLers: Long-term investors who hold onto their cryptocurrencies or tokens, often believing in their long-term potential.
  • Traders: Active market participants who buy and sell cryptocurrencies or tokens frequently, aiming to profit from price movements.
  • Farmers: Individuals who participate in yield farming, liquidity mining, or other DeFi activities to earn rewards like airdrops and quests.
  • NFT Enthusiasts: Collectors, artists, and creators passionate about unique digital assets and decentralized marketplaces.
  • Gaming Communities: Players and enthusiasts focused on blockchain-based gaming, NFTs, and virtual worlds.
  • DeFi Degens: Individuals who actively explore and participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, often taking on high-risk, high-reward strategies.
  • Crypto Noobs: Newcomers to the cryptocurrency and web3 space, often seeking education and guidance.

After audience segmentation, you can now  create email contents that are specifically tailored to each group. Effective crypto email marketing, in terms of conversion rate, revolves around curating your email messaging to speak to the particular demands, objectives, and problems of each segment.

Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform

The performance of your crypto marketing campaigns can be greatly impacted by the email platform you choose. With the right software that fits your needs and objectives, you can optimize your efforts, raise your conversion rates, and ultimately enhance your revenue.

When selecting an email marketing platform for your crypto project, consider the following:

  • Control of your audience and communication channel: The platform you choose should allow you to have control over your audience and communication channel.
  • Content flexibility: Select a platform that allows you to send various content formats such as text, graphics, videos and GIFs.
  • Data-driven insights: Opt for a platform that provides analytics to help you understand how your audience is interacting with your content.
  • Automation capabilities: Choose a platform that allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Personalization options: Select a platform that allows you to personalize your content according to your audience's preferences and interests.
  • Integration options: Opt for a platform that allows you to integrate your email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels.
  • Cost and scalability: Choose a platform that is cost-effective and scalable as your project grows.
  • Security and compliance: Select a platform that prioritizes security and compliance with anti-spam laws and data privacy regulations.

Here are some examples of crypto-friendly email marketing platforms you can consider for your crypto marketing campaign:

  • MailerLite
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • SendGrid
  • Activecampaign
  • Omnisend

How to Build Your Crypto Email List Organically

Creating an email list is essential to the success of crypto marketing. While there are some people online who claim to sell email lists, it's ideal that you build yours organically—for more effective results.

Here are some practical tips to build your email list for cryptocurrency marketing from scratch:

Create a Pre-sale Waitlist

A presale waitlist is one of the most effective list-building strategies for your cryptocurrency marketing campaign. Those who sign up for this waitlist should receive special benefits, such as early access to a product or discounted costs.

Run paid advertising

Paid advertising involves using platforms like Blockchain-Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Native Ads to reach a targeted crypto audience and drive traffic to your opt-in form. You can set a budget and target specific demographics, interests, or behaviors to ensure your ads are seen by people likely to be interested in your project. 

When you use Blockchain-Ads, you can go a step further by targeting crypto users based on their wallet holdings and activity. This would give you more precise sign ups for your crypto email marketing funnel.

You can read more on how Blockchain-Ads work for crypto marketing.

Influencer partnerships for cross promotion

Partnering with influencers in the crypto space can help you tap into their existing audience and build your email list quickly. Identify influencers who align with your project and reach out to collaborate. 

You can offer incentives for them to promote your project to their followers, such as exclusive content or tokens. This can help you reach a wider audience and build credibility for your project.

We compiled a list of crypto influencers on Twitter and YouTube you can start with for crypto partnerships to grow your email list.

Content Upgrades

Creating valuable content like articles, whitepapers, or webinars can help you attract people to your project and encourage them to opt-in to your email list. You can require an email address in exchange for access to this content so you can quickly grow your list. 

Make sure the content is high-quality, informative, and relevant to your project to attract the right audience.

AMAs and Spaces with Incentives

Hosting AMAs and Spaces on X (formerly Twitter) on topics related to your project can help you build trust and credibility with potential subscribers. By offering incentives like tokens or exclusive content, you can encourage people to register for your AMA and opt-in to your email list. 

Follow up with attendees after the Space to share additional resources and build a relationship with them.

Referral Programs

Implementing a referral program can help you leverage your existing subscribers to grow your crypto email list quickly. We’ve personally used referral programs to grow our list and it works like magic.

By offering incentives for referrals, you can encourage your current subscribers to share your project with their friends and family. This can create a viral loop that quickly grows your list.

List Building Tools

Utilizing list building tools like OptinMonster, Sumo, or Hello Bar can help you optimize your website for email list growth. These tools offer features like exit-intent pop-ups, slide-ins, and top-bar opt-in forms that can help you capture email addresses from website visitors. 

Configure these tools to target specific pages or behaviors to maximize their effectiveness.

Crypto Communities

Engaging with crypto communities on forums, social media, and other platforms can help you build relationships with potential subscribers and grow your email list. Share valuable content, offer help and advice, and promote your project to build trust and credibility. 

By sharing your email list link or opt-in incentives, you can encourage community members to join your list.

You can find some good communities on Reddit or use quest platforms to leverage their large communities.

Airdrops and Giveaways

Collaborating with other projects or platforms to offer airdrops or giveaways can help you quickly grow your email list. By offering exclusive content or tokens, you can incentivize people to join your list. 

Promote these events through social media, influencers, and paid ads to reach a wider audience.

How to Craft Crypto Emails that Convert

Here are some email copywriting tips that would help you write messages that resonate with your audience:

Subject Lines that Convert Crypto Investors

Make sure your crypto subject lines are captivating because it is what will catch readers' attention right away. To get subscribers to open your emails, use urgency, scarcity, exclusivity, action-oriented language, personalization, and prospective returns. 

You can also emphasize cryptocurrency investment opportunities or include a limited-time token offer in the subject line to improve email open rates.

Building Your Brand Identity

Use visually appealing email templates that embody your brand. Prioritize clean layouts for effortless navigation. Maintain consistent use of your project's branding elements like colors, fonts, and logo to ensure easy recognition. Employ headers and subheaders strategically to guide readers through your content. Finally, make sure your call-to-action buttons are prominent and enticing.

Visualizing the Complex

Consider incorporating blockchain-related visuals and graphics. These can be powerful tools for explaining intricate blockchain concepts. Infographics, charts, graphs, or even simple illustrations can significantly boost engagement and comprehension. However, strike a balance between text and visuals to avoid overwhelming your readers.

Reaching All Devices and Audiences

When designing your email campaigns, optimizing them for various devices and audiences is crucial. With the growing trend of mobile-friendly email checking, a responsive email design is essential for reaching your target audience. Ensure your emails render flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Write Compelling Crypto Copy

With your email list primed, it's time to craft a compelling copy.  Subscribers crave personalization, so leverage their names and relevant data to create a connection.

Focus the content on a captivating story that showcases your project's value proposition: the problem it solves, the utility of its token, and the roadmap for future development.  

Highlight key token use cases to demonstrate its real-world application. This storytelling approach will grab attention and keep readers hooked on learning more about your cryptocurrency.

Clear Calls to Action: Driving Token Sales

Don't underestimate the power of a clear and concise call to action (CTA) in your crypto emails. Motivate your subscribers to take the next step with actionable language. 

Highlight conversion goals directly by using phrases like "presale participation" or "join our token sale." 

Create a sense of urgency to drive clicks and conversions, potentially mentioning limited spots or time-sensitive bonuses. Remember, strong CTAs are key to achieving your goals, whether it's driving whitepaper downloads or fostering a vibrant community.

Execution & Optimization for Crypto Email Marketing Campaigns

Now, let’s talk about how to execute your crypto email marketing campaign for the most result.

Segmenting Your Crypto Email List

List segmentation involves dividing your subscribers into groups based on demographics, behavior, or interests. This allows you to customize messaging by source (e.g., website signup vs. webinar registration) and interests (e.g., Bitcoin enthusiasts vs. DeFi investors). By sending targeted emails that resonate with each group, you'll see a significant boost in engagement and conversions.

Personalization for High-Impact Token Emails

Personalization in crypto email marketing involves using data to tailor your emails to each subscriber. This powerful technique leverages names and relevant data to enhance the user experience.

For instance, personalize subject lines and body content by including the subscriber's name. You can also go a step further by offering personalized recommendations based on their past interactions and interests. This data-driven approach fosters trust and engagement by demonstrating that you understand your audience's needs.

Automated Drip Campaigns for Nurturing

Email automation streamlines sending targeted messages to subscribers based on their actions, saving you time and boosting campaign effectiveness. It's a powerful tool for building trust and nurturing investors in the crypto space.

Examples of Crypto Email Automation:

  • Welcome Series: Introduce new subscribers to your brand, its values, and the problem it solves.
  • Educational Series on Your Token: Offer a drip campaign explaining your token's utility, roadmap, and benefits.
  • Industry Insights: Share valuable market updates and analysis to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  • Re-Engagement Emails: Rekindle interest with inactive subscribers by offering exclusive content or reminding them of upcoming events.

Examples of Successful Crypto Email Marketing Campaigns

Now, let’s run through examples of successful crypto email marketing campaigns to give you some ideas:

1. Coinbase's Welcome Series: Nurturing New Users


  • Personalization: Coinbase customizes its welcome emails according to user activity. For example, if a user registers but doesn't finish identity verification, they get personalized alerts.
  • Education: The series offers instructional materials on security procedures, trading advice, and cryptocurrency.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Users are urged in every email to finish their profile, confirm their identity, and begin trading.

Result: The welcome series offered by Coinbase has greatly increased user engagement and activation.

2. Binance's Referral Program: Leveraging User Networks


  • Rewards: Binance compensates successful referrals with a portion of trading commissions.
  • Clear Communication: They offer individualized referral links along with a detailed explanation of the benefits in their referral mailings.
  • Social Proof: Binance fosters a feeling of community by showcasing the accomplishments of its top referrers.

Result: The referral scheme offered by Binance has made a substantial contribution to their user growth.

3. Nexo's Exclusive Offers: Fostering Loyalty


  • VIP Access: Loyal customers of Nexo receive special offers from the company, like lowered interest rates or bonus interest on savings.
  • Urgency: Time-limited deals instill a sense of urgency in users, pushing them to act.
  • Segmentation: Nexo ensures appropriate offers by segmenting its user base depending on activities.

Result: Users at Nexo feel appreciated, and retention rates have improved.

You can find more crypto email marketing case studies in our article that covers crypto marketing campaign ideas.

Supporting Your Crypto Email Marketing Strategy

A well-executed crypto email marketing campaign can help you build a loyal community of investors and drive conversions. However, it may not produce the needed results if you launch it alone. 

To take your marketing strategy to the next level, consider supplementing your email campaigns with additional Web3 marketing tactics. You can pair it with influencer partnerships, content marketing, or even airdrop and quest campaigns

Our Web3 Marketing Guide provides a detailed roadmap for implementing these strategies and amplifying your project's growth. Additionally, if you're looking to reach a wider audience and increase your brand's visibility, explore our list of top crypto ad networks for targeted advertising opportunities.

More on Crypto Email Marketing

Why should crypto companies use email marketing?

Email marketing is a free and open form of communication that is not controlled by any one entity, not even businesses. 

The following are the main justifications for email marketing by cryptocurrency companies: 

  • Take control of your communication route and audience. 
  • When it's convenient for you, send content in the format of your choice. 
  • Not everybody uses social media or chat apps like Slack or Discord.
  • Data about the interactions your audience is having with you is visible. 
  • Conversions are fueled by email marketing.

How can crypto companies get the best results with email marketing?

The following are the top tactics for cryptocurrency email marketing that yield results: 

  • Don't buy an email list—build your own.
  • Establish a rhythm for your emails. 
  • Concentrate on providing value. 
  • Utilize data to enhance your email marketing campaigns.
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