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Advertising Online Gambling on Facebook: What You Should Know

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You've tried promoting your gambling platform using Meta Ads but hit a brick wall. Well, the thing is that many gambling brands also face issues when trying to advertise their services on Facebook. Since the platform has strict policies for promoting such content, it’s easy to miss a few things or do them incorrectly. For example, you may be using the wrong creatives or not applying the right targeting filters.

The good news is that you can now advertise online gambling on Facebook thanks to recent policy updates. But its still not a walk in the park.

Thankfully, we’ll simplify the entire process of running online casino ads on Facebook and also share some great alternative for pulling quality traffic to your gambling offers.

Can You Advertise Online Gambling on Facebook?

The simple answer is, yes; however, there are certain policies you need to follow. Check them out below: 

  • First, before running a gambling ad, you must first submit a formal request to Meta. 
  • Next, you must prove that a regulatory authority licenses your operations. 
  • Note that Meta prohibits targeting advertisements for online gambling to those younger than 18. Therefore, your target audience should only be eligible individuals.
  • Finally, the betting ads must promote responsible gaming and recommend help if players need it.


Reasons Why Most Online Gambling Ads on Facebook Fails or Get Rejected

Your gambling ad on Facebook might not do well or get rejected for multiple reasons. Below are some of the most common ones:

  • It doesn’t follow Facebook’s policies of underage gambling
  • You are using generic creatives
  • Your gambling platform isn’t licensed

To avoid such rejection inconveniences, try going over the process again using the guide we’ve provided in the following sections.

How to Successfully Run Online Gambling Ads on Facebook

Are you having challenges promoting your gambling brands on Facebook? Here is a complete step-by-step guide to assist you through the process:

Create a Facebook Business Manager account. 

  • Ensure your platform conforms to all applicable national and international laws. 
  • Create an ad account with the Business Manager and set up payment options.
  • Use Facebook's tools for ad targeting to identify your audience.
  • Decide on your bidding strategy and daily/lifetime budget. Facebook offers cost-per-mille (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) options.
  • After everything is in place, start your advertising campaign. Monitor its performance carefully and make adjustments where necessary.

Why You Need Unique But Attractive Creatives to Run an Online Gambling Ad on Facebook

Creatives are the core of any successful gambling ad campaign. But what are they? These are basically the ads themselves, and they can come in video, audio, images, and other formats. Here are three common types:

  • News: Users come across success stories of people who made it big in the media and became rich.
  • Emotions: These are usually videos of people playing a slot game and celebrating their wins. 
  • Money: In this creative, the user is shown the life they could live if they played at the casino.

There are three stages when it comes to Facebook automating creative moderation:

Stage 1

First, the Facebook algorithm checks the video file name, duration, and weight. It then decides whether or not the creative has been used on the site previously. If so, it prohibits the file and assigns the same tag to the freshly made creative as it did to the previous one. This will result in an immediate suspension or a decline in the account's trust.

Stage 2

Next, the algorithm compares the sequence, color, and combination of pixels and their locations. You should add more elements and filters and even change the backdrop. The objective is to create a creative that differs from anything on the site to the very last detail in its requirements.

Stage 3

In this final stage, Facebook's AI searches your creatives for 18+ content and other unsettling components.


Alternatives to Facebook Online Gambling Advertising

Aside from Facebook, you can use several other ad promotion platforms. In the following sections, we’ll go through some of them:


Offering multiple benefits, including targeting options and up to 6x ROI, Blockchain-Ads is a Web3-based ad network designed to target potential customers. It allows a brand to be seen on more than 9,000 websites.

The platform has worked on online gambling sites like Fairspin, driving high-value players to sub $100 CPA. Blockchain-Ads’ experts used attractive creatives and promotions to draw in valuable potential players to the gambling site.

Read more about how Blockchain-Ads work.


PopAds is reputed to be simpler and quicker than other pop-under ad networks. It allows publishers to make money from website visitors with premium pop-under advertisements. One of its benefits is that it provides on-demand payments and access to advertising from over 40 countries.


Adsterra is a dependable ad network that serves more than 30 billion monthly ad impressions globally. It's well-known for its skilled and knowledgeable staff, distinct global direct traffic, and three tiers of anti-fraud security. The platform comes with a wide range of payment options and advertising layouts.

See a complete list of crypto gambling ad networks.

Tips on How to Successfully Run Ads on Facebook

To ensure you have a successful ad campaign on Facebook, there are certain tips you need to consider:

Target Options: Facebook provides sophisticated targeting tools to connect with your desired audience. For more precision, Blockchain-Ads offers more options, like behavior and interests, to find your potential customers. 

For example, experts at the platform applied targeting tools to help Slots.LV gain 5x ROAS and $54,000 FTDs value, all under 30 days.

Attractive Images: Strike an impression on your audience with striking images. Use stunning pictures or videos that capture the thrill and entertainment value of your offering.

Exciting Bonus Offers: Bonuses and promotions effectively draw in customers. Highlight your exclusive deals, including sign-up bonuses, no-deposit, or cash-back offers.

Timing: Think about when to run your advertising. Promote it during Facebook's busiest hours, when members of your target audience are most engaged.


Promoting online gambling on Facebook can be a successful strategy for reaching a large audience. However, it comes with a great deal of responsibility, and you must follow tight rules and regulations.

Remember that the secret to successful Facebook gambling advertisements is striking the correct balance between keeping your audience interested and abiding by the law. When used properly, these advertisements may promote user development and engagement.

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