April 18, 2024


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Getting positive ROI for Web3 Casino campaigns

Fairspin is one of the fastest growing Crypto Casinos in the world. Due to the combination of Gambling and Web3 elements, advertising is exceedingly difficult even on secondary networks that normally accept either one or the other. Due to these conditions, obtaining profitable ROI from ad campaigns at scale was not possible before Blockchain-Ads.

Targeting the right Web3 Profiles to generate high LTV customers are a low CPA

Fairspin campaigns presented a real challenge in terms of optimization. The Fairspin and Blockchain-Ads team coordinated to create several landing pages with different offers offers, hooks and creatives to identify the most valuable user personas across different verticals.

Among the offers tested:

  • Sports Betting
  • Crypto Rewards
  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Wheel of Fortune

and many more...

Highest Performing audiences
  • Play to Earn Gamers
  • Gamers with interest in Casinos and Sports Betting
  • GameFi and Gaming Users with high transactional activity in the last 30 days
  • High risk crypto traders

All audiences were further refined around users with active wallets and frequent recorded activity every 30 days.

Campaigns Stages
  • Sign Ups campaigns to create a warm audience in the initial 30 days
  • FTDs Retargeting campaigns from the registered users retargeting pool.
  • Revenue-oriented Retargeting campaigns to drive additional deposits from userd with at least one recorded deposits after 60 days.

The above campaign setups enabled us to achieve positive ROI after an initial optimization period close to 120 days. Furthermore, ROI and Revenue scaled further and reached maximum optimization after roughly 180 days. After this scale period, we were able to obtain high value gamblers and gamers at a sub $70 CPA, allowing Fairspin to further increase their market penetration and scale their ad spend by 100% month over month.

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Case Review

Best performing advertising network for user acquisition campaigns for Crypto Casinos

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Case Timeline

April - September 2023


Web3 Casino

How we helped
  • Drive high value Casino players at sub $100 CPA

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