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The Top 20+ Crypto YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

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We analyzed and compiled the top Crypto YouTube channels you should subscribe to in 2024 to keep your finger on the pulse of the fast-moving cryptocurrency market and blockchain space. 

These top crypto YouTubers have got you covered if you're:

  • an investor looking to make more informed decisions
  • a developer keen to learn about new protocols and innovations
  • a crypto enthusiast who wants access to the most trustworthy influencers, analysts and experts

From deep technical analyses to macro perspective on market cycles, easy-to-understand tutorials to heated crypto debates - there's something for everyone interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

Top 20+ Crypto YouTubers and Channels to Watch in 2024

As we cruise through 2024, here is our pick of the best Crypto YouTube channels that provide valuable insights, transparent research, and engaging content for beginners, seasoned traders, and founders.

1. Coin Bureau

  • 2.4 million subscribers

Coin Bureau, hosted by crypto expert Guy, is one of the leading crypto YouTube channels for in-depth crypto analysis, education and updates. Guy provides comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis on various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects to inform viewers' investment decisions. 

His team of analysts break down complex crypto concepts into beginner-friendly videos so anyone can understand the crypto space. Coin Bureau also features interviews with industry thought leaders and provides timely updates on market news.

Key Features:

  • In-depth fundamental & technical analysis
  • Beginner-friendly crypto explanations
  • Interviews with crypto experts & developers
  • Market news, analysis & price predictions

2. BitBoy Crypto

  • 4 million subscribers

BitBoy Crypto, previously led by investor Ben Armstrong, covers the latest crypto news, interviews leaders in the space, provides price forecasts and investment advice from his perspective. This crypto YouTube channel takes a conversational, opinionated and often controversial approach to analyzing the crypto markets. 

Bitboy Crypto’s videos aim to both inform and entertain crypto enthusiasts and investors looking to stay up-to-date on crypto trends.

Key Features:

  • Colorful crypto market commentary
  • Crypto guest interviews & AMAs
  • Crypto investing tips & price predictions
  • Broad range of crypto topics discussed

3. Altcoin Daily

  • 1.39 million subscribers

Altcoin Daily, hosted by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, two of the top crypto youtubers, provides daily videos on crypto market analysis, news updates, educational explainers, opinion segments and interviews related to Bitcoin, blockchain and various altcoins. 

Their goal is to help crypto investors identify promising projects early and make sense of the fast-moving landscape.

Key Features:

  • Regular crypto news & market updates
  • Interviews with crypto founders & developers
  • Tutorials & guides on crypto investing
  • Reviews of crypto assets & blockchain projects
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4. The Moon

  • 594K subscribers

The Moon, hosted by crypto entrepreneur Carl Runefelt, offers analysis and insights into the price movements and market sentiment around Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. 

Carl shares his perspective on the long-term growth potential of crypto and his expectations for where the market may be headed based on technical indicators.

Key Features:

  • Bitcoin and altcoin price predictions
  • Chart pattern & indicator analysis
  • Expert crypto market insights
  • Crypto thought leadership & commentary

5. Ivan on Tech

  • 515K subscribers

Ivan on Tech, hosted by blockchain educator Ivan Liljeqvist, features tutorials, guest interviews, live Q&A sessions and more related to crypto & blockchain. 

Ivan explains complex technical concepts around crypto technologies in an accessible way for his community. His guests provide additional insights into the development of various projects.

Key Features:

  • Blockchain technology & crypto explainers
  • Project reviews & critiques
  • Insightful guest interviews with crypto leaders
  • Answers community crypto questions live

6. Crypto Casey

  • 549K subscribers

Crypto Casey shares informational videos on how to get started with cryptocurrency, use crypto wallets securely, invest wisely, and understand the basics of DeFi and NFTs. 

Her videos follow a how-to format with step-by-step tutorials for buying crypto, staking coins, providing liquidity and more. Crypto Casey aims to spread practical knowledge to help others achieve financial success.

Key Features:

  • Beginner-focused crypto tutorials
  • Cryptocurrency help & education
  • Crypto wallet & exchange walkthroughs
  • Investing strategy & security tips

7. CryptosRUs

  • 693K subscribers

CryptosRUs features George Tung presenting his analysis of the crypto markets and commentary on crypto news and research to help viewers make informed investment decisions. 

He studies price patterns and trends across crypto assets to identify promising projects and opportunities with long-term growth potential for his community.

Key Features:

  • Researched price predictions & forecasts
  • Reviews of altcoin crypto projects
  • Discussions around crypto news & research
  • Interviews featuring crypto influencers

8. DataDash

  • 510K subscribers

DataDash, hosted by crypto trader Nicholas Merten, provides in-depth market analysis not only on cryptocurrencies but also traditional markets to give perspective on macro conditions influencing crypto. He shares insightful opinions on potential market movements.

Key Features:

  • Technical & fundamental analysis
  • Expert crypto market insights
  • Macroeconomic factors impacting crypto
  • Data-driven channel


9. Benjamin Cowen

  • 790K subscribers

Benjamin Cowen applies his quantitative academic background to analyze crypto price charts and market data to better understand and forecast trends. He utilizes custom indicators and models designed specifically for crypto. 

Benjamin shares unbiased, no-nonsense technical analysis to strip out the hype and emotion from crypto trading.

Key Features:

  • Quantitative crypto market analysis
  • Custom charting suites & models
  • Methodical & data-driven approach
  • Focus on probability & risk management

10. Sheldon Evans

  • 705K subscribers

Sheldon Evans draws from his background investing in crypto to share market analysis, price predictions, trading tips, reviews of blockchain projects and general education around crypto with his community. 

He keeps his content focused around long-term crypto investments rather than short-term trades.

Key Features:

  • Investing advice for crypto
  • Market analysis & price forecasts
  • Blockchain project reviews
  • Updates on crypto trends

11. 99Bitcoins

  • 705K subscribers

99Bitcoins breaks down complex crypto concepts into simple and easy-to-understand explanations for beginners. Host Nate Martin clearly explains topics like Bitcoin, blockchain, mining, wallets and more. The channel also features 2-minute overviews of platforms, projects and technologies to quickly get up to speed.

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly crypto education
  • Concise platform & project explainers
  • Tutorials for buying & managing crypto
  • Focus on simplifying complex topics

12. Whiteboard Crypto

  • 175K subscribers

Whiteboard Crypto uses visual, whiteboard-style videos to clearly explain the mechanisms, benefits and limitations around crypto topics like Bitcoin, blockchain technology, mining, stablecoins, regulation issues and more.

Key Features:

  • Visual learning-focused lessons
  • Foundation-level crypto topics
  • Uses analogies & illustrations
  • Interactive question prompts

13. CoinMarketCap

  • 389K subscribers

The CoinMarketCap YouTube channel provides market updates, educational explainers, very brief platform overviews and interviews related to the crypto industry. Their goal is to deliver unbiased, fact-based and trustworthy crypto information that viewers can utilize to draw their own conclusions.

Key Features:

  • Unbiased crypto market updates
  • Quick educational summaries
  • Brief interviews with crypto leaders
  • Teach viewers to think critically

14. Satoshi Stacker

  • 288K subscribers

Satoshi Stacker shares his perspective on the latest crypto news, Bitcoin and altcoin price predictions, developments in the crypto and Web3 spaces, and commentary on the culture and community surrounding cryptocurrencies. His express opinions aim to help viewers make sense of the noisy crypto landscape.

Key Features:

  • Opinions on crypto news & culture
  • Bitcoin & altcoin forecasts
  • Commentary on crypto/Web3 adoption
  • Observational crypto channel

15. Aantonop

  • 324K subscribers

Aantonop, hosted by Bitcoin educator Andreas Antonopoulos, shares an in-depth understanding of the technology behind Bitcoin and crypto more broadly. Andreas aims to help viewers grasp both the technical workings and potential societal impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through clear explanations.

Key Features:

  • Expert lectures on crypto technology
  • Non-hype, fact-based education
  • Focus on blockchain's future impacts
  • Answers common crypto questions

16. Lark Davis

  • 496K subscribers

Lark Davis analyzes macroeconomic trends through the lens of how global events may impact crypto markets and prices. He studies real-world developments across sectors like tech, politics and finance to deliver educated opinions on the growth and decline of crypto assets.

Key Features:

  • Macroeconomic analysis for crypto
  • Global event impact on crypto markets
  • Experience as crypto investor
  • Opinionated crypto channel

17. MoneyZG

  • 106K subscribers

MoneyZG brings viewers tutorials for navigating crypto exchanges, explanations of trading bots and terminology, tips for storage and security, overviews of markets and trading strategies/analysis. The goal is to help educate on all aspects of actively trading crypto.

Key Features:

  • Trading tutorials & education
  • Reviews of exchanges & tools
  • Security best practices
  • Trader training in calm style

18. Coinskid

  • 87.6K subscribers

Coinskid is another crypto YouTube channel you should follow for altcoin gems not yet on the mainstream radar. He analyzes whitepapers and communities early in order to pass along potentially profitable crypto investments before the hype kicks in. Coinskid is the best crypto YouTuber for people who prefer long-term holdings over short-term pumps.

Key Features:

  • Early altcoin picks & analysis
  • Long-term crypto investing outlook
  • Passionate about crypto projects
  • High risk tolerance

19. Finematics

  • 354K subscribers

Finematics breaks down complex concepts related to crypto and decentralized finance into understandable, animated explainers. Topics span cryptocurrency mechanisms, financial principles that underpin crypto, technical aspects of DeFi protocols and more.

Key Features:

  • Animated educational videos
  • DeFi & crypto explainers
  • Beginner to advanced topics
  • Foundational financial concepts

20. Brian Jung

  • 1.53M subscribers

Brian Jung uses his crypto YouTube channel to share his experience as an entrepreneur and investor to discuss developments in crypto, share market analysis, provide business and financial tips, and review trends related to personal finance. This crypto YouTuber focused on helping his viewers achieve financial freedom.

Key Features:

  • Crypto & market commentary
  • Business & finance advice
  • Investor point-of-view
  • Educational content

21. Crypto Banter

  • 715K subscribers

Crypto Banter features live-streamed market analysis, news commentary, guest interviews and calls from crypto enthusiasts hosted by Ran Neuner who aims to fuel crypto adoption and education through raw, unfiltered conversations.

Key Features:

  • Live crypto show format
  • Raw & unfiltered dialogue
  • Viewer calls & guest interviews
  • Passionate crypto discourse

22. Crypto Lark

  • 496K subscribers

Crypto Lark, hosted by New Zealand-based crypto investor Lark Davis, is one of the best crypto YouTube channels for market trends, news developments, crypto/blockchain projects, and stocks through the lens of an active trader seeking opportunities. Lark aims to help viewers learn how to thrive in the crypto industry.

Key Features:

  • Active crypto/stock trader perspective
  • News commentary & asset analysis
  • Fluent in technical & fundamental analysis
  • Insight into managing crypto investments


If you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the world of cryptocurrency in 2024, the YouTube is a great place to find informative and entertaining content. As crypto continues to grow in popularity, the number of Youtube channels covering this space has exploded. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best Youtube channels to follow for crypto news, analysis, interviews and more in 2024.

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