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What is Wallet Targeting and how it increase Advertising ROI

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A short while ago, Blockchain-Ads mentioned Wallet Targeting among the core features of the Alpha stage platform. We received overwhelming support from within and without our community regarding this new technology and, along with the praises, our team also received a lot of questions regarding how it works, what are the benefits, and how to start using it for advertising.

In this article we are going to give you a brief overview of how Wallet Targeting works and what are the pros for all Web3 projects.

Note: As Blockchain-Ads is in closed Alpha, we are expanding and adapting our features based on the client feedback and on how the market evolves. Although there are going to be changes, the concept and technology foundations will largely stay the same.

What is Wallet Targeting Technology

Wallet Targeting Advertising means being able to serve personalized ads to Web3 Users based on their wallet portfolio and activities. For example, you may want to show a specific ad to people who recently bought at least a certain amount of BNB Coins. This is an extremely powerful tool with unlimited possibilities. As more and more people enter the crypto market, you may want to restrict your audience pool to veteran crypto users to avoid having to educate your website visitors. Alternatively, you may have an NFT marketplace built on the NEAR protocol and you may want to target specifically NEAR wallets to increase your advertising efficiency. But there is more: This very same technology is the pillar of Web3-powered data attribution. Have you ever wondered who buys your token? How did they learn about your project and what made them buy? Imagine how beneficial it would be to find out which Marketing activities bring you the most transactions.

Why did nobody do this before?

The first part of the technology consists of a massive network of API which scrapes Open Ledger Blockchains for transactions and profiles all wallets into an unified database; kind of like what websites such as are doing. However, this is not enough. The second crucial step is to find these wallets on the open Internet (and the Metaverse, more on this soon™?), in order to serve them your ads. This is why Blockchain-Ads is developing an ‘AdNFT’ solution, in which users can store and control their non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and earn rewards, as well as personalizing their Internet experience. With the AdNFT, not only you will be able to earn from navigating the Internet even outside platforms like Brave, but you will also be able to choose which ads you see. Are you an Algorand supporter? Would it not be cool to see ads about cool emerging projects built on Algorand, instead of being targeted by NFT marketplaces or other projects that require you to be holding other coins you currently don’t have?

What about Privacy?

AdNFT will be a fully decentralized solution built on a Permission-based Blockchain. The system is currently used — for example — for payment validation and document certification without the involvement of third-party data providers. For more information, we suggest you visit our partner’s website As this data is processed on the Blockchain, Advertisers will be able to target wallets and monitor the performance of their Marketing campaigns without actually seeing the wallet numbers. This is currently the strongest form of data anonymization out there at the moment.

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