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July 12, 2024


ROI on Token Sales campaign (30 days window)


Cost per Signups


Cost on acquiring frequently active players


Ad Spend (30 days)
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Aradena Games is a rapidly growing Web3 gaming platform built for desktops. While there several In-App Gaming networks like Unity and AppLovin, Desktop Apps do not have the same wide range of options available. Furthermore, the tight launch window meant that Aradena couldn't afford to target non-native Web3 users.

The predetermined KPIs required a fully structured media plan to acquire Sign Ups, Daily and Monthly active users in order to boost token sales at TGE.

Blockchain-Ads unique capability to target native Web3 gamers and to personalize the messaging display to each audience segments allowed Aradena to obtain optimal results at all level of the marketing funnel, and boost the total active player base as well as the number of token holders and trading volume.

In only 30 days and with limited budget, Blockchain-Ads campaigns acheived $2 CPA on Sign Ups, $4 CPA on frequently active players, as well obtain 2x Return on Ad Spend at TGE despite the short marketing push window.

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June 2023, July 2023


Web3 Gaming (Desktop)

How we helped
  • $2 Cost per Sign up on Game Downloads campaigns target Desktop devices
  • $4 Cost per acquiring Active Players
  • 3X ROI on Token Sales campaigns, 30+ days in deep bear market

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