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Blockchain-Ads Labs Successfully Deploys “Web3Cookie” on Partisia Testnet: Pioneering Data Monetization for Everyday Users

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Today is a landmark day for us at Blockchain-Ads Labs as we’ve successfully deployed our innovative solution, “Web3Cookie,” on the Partisia Blockchain testnet. Our goal is simple yet revolutionary: to transform data monetization, empowering everyday internet users to generate their own cookie, monetize their browsing data securely, and above all, safeguard their privacy.

Our recent partnership with Partisia Blockchain has allowed us to blend Multi-Party Computation (MPC), and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technologies, creating a privacy-preserving advertising solution beneficial for both brands and users. The rollout of Web3Cookie marks a significant step forward in our mission to reshape the online advertising industry.

Participate in the Web3Cookie Alpha Test and Earn Airdrop Rewards

We’re extending an open invitation for you to join the alpha testing phase of Web3Cookie on the Partisia testnet. This opportunity provides a hands-on experience with our web3 data monetization tool and makes you eligible for an airdrop of our native token upon its launch. If you’ve generated your own cookie, you’re already eligible. Visit to create a cookie, and join our Telegram group at for instructions.

The Power of Web3Cookie: Privacy and Data Monetization in Your Hands

Web3Cookie isn’t just a tool — it’s a way to empower you. It allows you to create your own web3 cookie, monetizing your browsing data securely and privately. Our privacy-preserving solution, based on MPC and ZKP technology powered by Partisia, put Web3Cookie at the forefront of this shift, letting you benefit from your online activities without sacrificing privacy or control over your personal data.

Our approach to data monetization allows you to retain full control over your data while actively participating in the online browsing activities. Unlike traditional web2 advertising solutions that often misuse user data, Web3Cookie places a premium on user privacy and control, setting a new precedent for data monetization in the digital age.

Our Promise: Privacy and User Control at the Heart of What We Do

At Blockchain-Ads Labs, our commitment is twofold: developing advertising solutions that drive results for brands and prioritizing user privacy and control. The deployment of Web3Cookie on the Partisia testnet is a clear demonstration of our commitment to revolutionizing the online advertising industry, providing a more secure and privacy-oriented platform for data monetization for everyday internet users.

As we continue to challenge the status quo of the centralized advertising industry with our decentralized, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective solutions, we are in a prime position to make significant strides in the web3 era.

To stay abreast of our journey and learn more about our novel Web3Cookie solution, visit our website at and follow us on our social channels for the latest updates.

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