July 12, 2024

Pre-sale Sellout Time

3 Minutes

CPA on Investors Sign Ups


CPA on completed KYC


Highest investment by a user

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EstateX is on a path to become the leader in Real Estate asset tokenization. With strategic partners on the likes of Microsoft and their all stars team, they only required a comprehensive advertising plan to scale their reach and attract Crypto investors on their platform in order to lock in their Pre-sale success.

The Blockchain-Ads Performance Team divided the campaigns into two phases:

  • Investors Sign Ups
  • KYC-focused Retargeting campaigns

As EstateX ensured to attract only real investors through a detailed KYC system, splitting the user funnel into Top/Awareness and Bottom/KYC stages allowed Blockchain-Ads to reduce CPA from ad campaigns to respectively $5 and $40 for Sign Ups and completed KYC from users interested in investing the presale. The highest amount investment by a single Blockchain-Ads user is $13,000, which testifies the platform's capability to target high value Crypto investors even during adverse market conditions.

EstateX outstanding users nurturing activities through Email Marketing and Community Engagement helped increasing the results of Blockchain-Ads targeting campaigns exponentially, achieving a Pre-Sale sellout in under 3 minutes, and setting the project's imminent Token Generation Event on the right path to success.

They key to EstateX success during the bear market was the comprehensive Marketing plan and activities they executed across each stage of the Marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Conversions. This case study proves that market timeliness is not the only way to succeed in Crypto, as EstateX is set to become one of the largest IDOs of 2023 in under 1 year from launching their Marketing push.

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Case Timeline

June - September 2023


Real Estate Asset Tokenization

How we helped

Blockchain-Ads was a core marketing channel for EstateX Pre-sale campaigns in Q2 2023, which enabled the project to sell out within 3 minutes from the presale going live and raising over $3M total.

Blockchain-Ads achieve $5 CPA on presale sign ups and $40 CPA on KYC for users interested in investing in EstateX.

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