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July 12, 2024


Increase in Token Price over 30 Days


New Token Holders over 60 Days

90 Days

Campaign Duration


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Helping Xodex acquire new Holders and increase Token Price and Market Cap

Xodex is a relatively small player in the Layer 1 Blockchain landscape with a great offer: a 0 gas fees, lightning fast transaction speed Blockchain. The Xodex team goal was to capitalize from the huge success of Gala, one of their direct competitors to acquire new token holders and investors from the positive market sentiment generated by Gala.

Targeting Competitors' wallet holders

By leveraging its unique wallet targeting technology, dubbed "web3 cookie", Blockchain-Ads was able to create an audience of Gala investors, as well as Token holders from other active Xodex competitors. The ad campaigns lasted for over 60 days, in which the team tested multiple landing pages, graphics, hooks and call to action to drop the CPA and make the campaign as profitable as possible.

  • 1,000+ high value holders over 60 days
  • 6x Token Price hike over 30 days

Targeting Gala holders coming from the massive token price growth in Q4 2022 proved a very successful strategy, as those users eagerly jumped onto Xodex due to its unique value proposition and growth prospects. Many investors were able to make a 6x return on their investment by purchasing Xodex token from Blockchain-Ads online advertisements. By leveraging its network of over 9,000 publishers, Blockchain-Ads was able to scale the campaigns and achieve exponential growth for Xodex in a 60 days time frame.

Following the campaign results, additional successful campaigns were launched around additional offers, such as Xodex nodes sales and XOPAD token. Blockchain-Ads network capability of targeting competitors' token holders proved a valuable addition to Xodex marketing channels due to the untapped pool of potential investors from Gala and other Layer 1 chains.

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Case Review

600% Increase in Token Price over 30 Days | 1,000+ New Token Holders over 60 Days

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Case Timeline

February - April 2023


Layer 1 Blockchain

How we helped
  • 6x Increase in Token Price
  • 1,000+ Acquired Holders

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