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July 12, 2024




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Blockchain-Ads "Web3 Cookie" technology played a key role in identify and reaching high value DeFi investors with high recent activity in other liquidity pool outside of Sommelier.

The strong community, brand reputation and post-acquisition user engagement from Sommelier Finance, coupled with proper campaigns structure across all three stages of the marketing funnel by Blockchain-Ads performance team achieved great results in less than three months ramp up time.

Personalized messaging across awareness - top of funnel, engagement - middle of funnel and investors acquisition - bottom of funnel resulted in great ad spend efficiency over a 90-days optimization period.

Blockchain-Ads achieved over 10,000 new liquidity pools investors for over $7,000,000 liquidity over a $100,000 ad spend, resulting in 70x Return on Investment for Sommelier.

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Case Review

$7,000,000 added liquidity on a $100,000 (70X ROAS) ad spend by targeting high value DeFi investors and enthusiasts.

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Case Timeline

March 21, 2023 - Apr 25, 2023


Decentralized Finance

How we helped
  • 90-Days Investor acquisition campaigns aimed at increasing Liquidity amount in specific pools.
  • Generated 70x ROAS for $7,000,000 added liquidity with $100,000 ad spend.

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