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20 Top DeFi Marketing Agencies and What They Do Best

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DeFi marketing agencies are in high demand, as the DeFi market is projected to reach $337.04 billion by 2030. These specialized agencies drive growth by offering expert services like paid advertising, PR, and influencer marketing to DeFi projects.

But with major players like Compound Labs, one of our top advertisers, Maker DAO, and Sushi Swap also vying for visibility, the competition for adoption is fierce. 

So, to stand out in a crowded market, finding the right DeFi marketing agency is crucial. 

Whether you're looking to build your brand, drive user acquisition, or boost your project's credibility, the right agency can make all the difference. 

In this list, we'll showcase the top 20 DeFi marketing agencies, highlighting their strengths and specializations to help you make an informed decision.

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DeFi Marketing Services: What to Expect from Top Agencies

There are a few qualities that you should expect when you hire the services of a top DeFi marketing agency. Some of the services that you can expect these brands to offer include:

defi marketing agencies

Branding and Identity

To survive in the ever-growing Web3 industry, marketing agencies will always look for something that makes a brand stand out. Doing this is one of the first steps in building a brand, and it makes it easier for crypto companies to connect with their target audience.

Content Creation and Strategy

The top DeFi agencies are experts at their jobs. So, they’ll create a content marketing strategy that should see them achieve their customers desired results within the specified time. A popular way of getting the name of a crypto company out there is to create content like videos and pictures.

Social Media Management

Social media platforms like X and Telegram are the gathering place for most of the Web3 crowd. So, the top marketing agencies will offer many ways of leveraging the advantage that social media brings. This would include a detailed campaign like what we outlined in our crypto social media marketing guide.

Community Building and Engagement

What’s a crypto brand without a community? The top Web3 agencies have numerous strategies that they can employ to build a brand around a crypto project. They also have ways to get this community to pitch into any ongoing project from that crypto brand.

Influencer Partnerships

The top Web3 marketing agencies are well-connected in the media landscape. They have many bloggers and journalists on their payroll and can use their aid to get information out there as soon as possible.

Paid Advertising

This is one of the most popular Web2 marketing methods, and it hasn’t lost its allure in the Web3 landscape. Web3 marketing companies use pay-per-click advertising on cryptocurrency websites and social media platforms to attract the Web3 crowd. Most of them are fully integrated and use Blockchain-Ads' performance-based ad network to get jaw-dropping results for DeFi clients.


The Top 20 DeFi Marketing Agencies: Expertise and Success Stories

20 companies stand at the top of the ladder as the best DeFi marketing agencies, and they’re all examined below:

LeanMarketing Crypto - DeFi Growth Strategies and Solutions

LeanMarketing Crypto is a DeFi marketing agency that has mastered its craft to ensure that it delivers maximum results for any brand. It promises a clear understanding of any product and believes it can take them from early adoption to mainstream.

As an official partner of more than 100 crypto exchanges, LeanMarketing Crypto makes it easy to get projects listed. This agency can also handle full audits for DeFi projects. With access to top media outlets, LeanMarketing Crypto can increase blockchain token holders, and handle PR marketing, social media management, and community building.

With over 30 years of experience in the blockchain advertising space, LeanMarketing Crypto has seen the development of 50+ brands. Some of its accomplishments include: 

  • Increasing the token price of by 250%.
  • Taking Sommelier.Finance from $750 thousand to $4.5 million in 45 days.
  • Increasing the token price of Rubic. Finance by 260%.
  • Increasing Dapp users by 7,500 in one week.

If you want to contact LeanMarketing Crypto, you can use any of the following channels:

NinjaPromo - DeFi Marketing Strategy Experts

NinjaPromo is a DeFi agency that uses its marketing strategies to create personal connections between brands and their customers. In its own words, it brings the personal to the digital. This DeFi marketing agency came into the Web3 scene in 2017, and it has spread its reach around the world.

This marketing agency is subscription-based, and its services include:

  • PR and influencer marketing
  • Paid media and paid social
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation
  • Community management
  • Mobile app development
  • Blockchain development
  • Web design and website development
  • Video production and video marketing

In all its years of service, many customers have sung the praises of NinjaPromo. Some of its biggest accomplishments include:

  • Generating $20 million in revenue with HTX in 180 days.
  • Growing Affyn’s online community by 250% in five weeks.
  • Boosting Rebus Chain's social media engagement by 654% in just six months.

If you’re eager to get in touch, you can contact NinjaPromo by booking a demo on their website or by email ( You can also call these numbers:

  • +1929-492-4413
  • +44 20 3868 4672
  • +65 3165 4789
  • +971 54 237 6132

TokenMinds - Comprehensive DeFi Marketing Solutions

TokenMinds is an agency that uses customized strategies and a seasoned team of professionals to help any project stand out. It boasts engineering consulting that covers the latest developments in AI, blockchain, and metaverse technologies. So, apart from marketing, you can trust them to build innovative and scalable crypto systems.

The services of TokenMinds span three areas: Web3 marketing, Web3 development, and Web3 strategy. Its Web3 marketing services include VR marketing, PR marketing, NFT influencer marketing, AI marketing, ICO, IDO, and IEO marketing.

On the web development side, it offers NFT development, AI development, smart contract audit, metaverse development, blockchain development, and Web3 game development. The Web3 strategy section comprises token sales, asset tokenization, crypto consulting, ICO, IDO, and IEO activities.

You can see the capability of TokenMinds from some of its case studies, which include:

  • Assisting Infanity from development to the marketing strategy stage for their growing business.
  • Implementing a machine learning strategy to contribute to the post-project evaluation of an NFT Valuator project.
  • Growing the social media platform engagement for Gensokishi using influencer promotion and the creation of proficient content.

If you’re interested in a consultation, you can contact TokenMinds via:

ICODA - High-Quality Content Creation Services

ICODA is a crypto marketing agency that takes a data-driven approach to help brands reach their target audience and foster growth. Boasting a deep understanding of the crypto scene, this agency promises to help its customers navigate the complexities of the Web3 market.

This DeFi marketing agency specializes in four areas: crypto marketing, iGaming marketing, content production, and blockchain development. So, you can trust ICODA with your crypto PR, crypto SEO, reputation management, casino SEO, gambling PPC, crypto website design, and promo video creation. If you want specialized marketing in other languages, ICODA can handle Russian, Chinese, and Korean marketing.

In its years of operation, ICODA has recorded many successful cases, such as:

  • Raising more than $37 million USD for a token sale.
  • Increased the online presence of a casino to rank among the top 10 on Google.
  • Increased the online recognition and trust of a casino, leading to 10K+ views on X (formerly Twitter).

There are many ways to get in contact with ICODA to book a session. You can use the contact form on their website or go through any of the following channels:

  • Email: 
  • Telegram: @icoda
  • X: @icoda_io
  • Facebook: icodaagency

Blockchain App Factory - Reliable DeFi Marketing Agency

With more than 10 years of experience in the blockchain landscape, look no further than Blockchain App Factory for custom blockchain solutions. Blockchain App Factory claims to be capable of providing cutting-edge solutions to any business that is onboard the Web3 train.

Blockchain App Factory can handle the design of tokens for ICO, IEO, and STO. It is also an expert at metaverse development, crafting AI-powered solutions, and leveraging NFTs to improve brand recognition. This platform also boasts numerous Web3 solutions, like Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Web3 streaming, and Web3 smart contracts.

Some of the big wins that Blockchain App Factory has recorded include:

  • Developing an NFT marketplace for RadioShack.
  • Building an app to automate the supply chain between end users for McDonalds.
  • Creating a blockchain superapp with multiple functionalities for Econet.
  • Creating the music NFT marketplace ‘Enigma’ for Globant.

This marketing agency is spread around the globe, with a physical presence in the USA, UAE, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, and Japan. Nonetheless, you can schedule a meeting with Blockchain App Factory using the contact form on their website or contact them through:

Coinbound - Visibility and Engagement Specialists

Coinbound is an agency that helps upcoming brands promote themselves using their connections in the Web3 space. As a client-centric agency, Coinbound is all about delivering results. Hence, all the services that it provides are geared towards helping businesses grow.

So, if you need a popular Web3 influencer to promote your brand, Coinbound can make it happen. This agency also handles community management, crypto PR, social media management, SEO, Web3 lead generation, and Web3 advisory services.

Coinbound boasts six years of experience in the Web3 space and has delivered more than 1,250 projects for more than 800 clients. One of its biggest wins is the long-term PR project that it entered into with Gala. This allowed Gala to successfully sell out multiple collections.

Ethermail also recorded more than 100 thousand organic registrations with Coinbound, while BitDials enjoyed a 29x ROI from their PPC campaigns. If you want to book a call with Coinbound, you can do so using the form on their platform. Apart from that, you can also reach out on social media via:

  • X: @coinboindio
  • Telegram: @teamcoinbound

Coinzilla - Full-Service DeFi Marketing Agency

Coinzilla was developed by Sevio in November 2016 to promote the crypto niche. The primary mission of Coinzilla is to help upcoming brands achieve the results and revenue they want in the Web3 landscape. This is one of the best options out there if you’re partial to display ads.

Coinzilla is a marketing agency for both publishers and advertisers, and it offers self-serve campaigns, HTML5 banners, and crypto ads. Its crypto ads can appear in different formats, such as classic banners, sticky banners, pop-under, header banners, and native ads. The sizes of these banners can also be adjusted to fit the needs of any brand.

Since its establishment, Coinzilla has taken care of more than 16,000 campaigns. From these projects, it has recorded more than one billion impressions and more than 1.8 million clicks per month.

Anyone who wants to get in contact with Coinzilla needs to send a message using the form on their website. Besides that, this ad agency has an online presence on multiple social media platforms, like:

  • Facebook: adsbycoinzilla
  • X: @adsbycoinzilla

Crynet - GameFi Marketing and Community Experts

The Web3 landscape emphasizes more on trust; that’s why Crynet has dedicated its creative prowess to instigating authentic emotional communication. This marketing agency promises to make the target audience of any crypto brand fall in love with the brand’s products.

Crynet is an expert at token sale marketing, influencer marketing, blockchain PR, NFT marketing, event marketing, ICO marketing, and blockchain marketing. You can also have them boost the online presence of your brand with ads and expand your blockchain community. This DeFi agency also offers consulting services for blockchain-based projects.

Crynet has completed more than 25 TGE-projects and left more than 400 clients with satisfied smiles on their faces. This record is so good that Good Firms has ranked it among the top 10 ICO marketing agencies.

You can get your own tailored marketing solutions from Crynet by contacting them through the form on their homepage. Besides that, you can also use other channels, like:


PToken - DeFi Community Building and Management

PToken is an agency that focuses on the ICO side of the crypto landscape, comprising fundraising, consulting, and marketing. This is a company with a physical presence in London, Seoul, Dubai, Zurich, and other locations across Europe and Australia.

To ensure that a crypto product gets to the right audience, PToken offers community-building and PR packages. It also offers growth hacking, direct advertising campaigns, social media marketing, bounty programs, and other services.

PToken is more than your average ad agency, as it can handle the legal side of the blockchain scene. It also offers white paper creation services, seed fundraising, and the design of tokenomics for blockchain projects. If you want face-to-face meetings and pitch sessions with investors, PToken can also get it arranged.

This DeFi marketing agency sees the success of its customers as their own success. Some of these successes include the completion of a $1.8 million private round for Credefi. PToken also helped Natix Network raise a $3.5 million seed round and Upbots raise $1.10 million in fundraising.

You can contact PToken to get a consultation using the form on their website, or by telephone:

  • Switzerland and Australia: +41765671282
  • UAE and Korea: +7 925 006 0917
  • Great Britain: +44 734 200 00 88 

X10 - Data-Driven DeFi Marketing and Analytics

Established in 2016, X10 is a launchpad for Web3 projects to get out there, meet their audience, and reach their goals. This marketing agency offers full-service Web3 solutions for STO, ICO, NFT, IEO, and DeFi promotion.

X10 boasts that crypto brands can trust them for full turn-key solutions to survive in the Web3 market. So, you can meet this ad agency for pitch deck and white paper creation, PR and influencer marketing, community management, and growth hacking. X10 can also organize Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and create banner ads, listings, and collaborations with established projects.

This marketing agency also boasts an overseas presence, so you can trust them for local marketing in Japan, China, and Korea. Over the years of its operation, X10 has met the needs of many popular brands, like:

  • Bitmart Exchange
  • OKX
  • Probit Exchange
  • Avatara
  • Vitruveo
  • Killabears
  • Hacken.AI

To get started with X10, you can book a 30-minute online call on their website or send a message using their contact form. X10 is also active on Telegram, and you can contact them at T.ME/X10TEAMS.

AppDupe - DeFi Mobile App Development and Marketing

AppDupe is a marketing agency that promises to give upcoming blockchains the edge that they need to stand at the top. This agency doesn’t shy away from the technical side of things, as it offers numerous tech stacks that can align with any project. AppDupe works with a business-centric approach, with transparency and ethics, and can also sign NDAs when needed.

Crypto brands can meet AppDupe for numerous Web3-related services, like:

  • NFT marketplace development.
  • Blockchain development services for exchanges, the metaverse, DeFi, and wallets.
  • IDO, IEO, and STO launch services.
  • Crypto, NFT, and Discord marketing.

AppDupe has left behind many happy clients after working with them, and some of these successful projects include:

  • Designing the Microbuddies NFT collection from pilot scale to accomplishment
  • Created the NFT marketplace for
  • Partnered with EOS to develop numerous blockchain platforms

If you want to collaborate with AppDupe, you can contact them using the form on their homepage. Besides that, their physical offices are also present in the USA, Bangalore, Chennai, the UK, and the UAE. You can also contact them via other channels, like:

NeoReach - Influencer Network and Marketing Solutions

If you’re partial to influencer marketing, NeoReach is a DeFi marketing agency that can meet your needs. This platform doesn’t only provide influencer access, it also delivers deep market insights and measurable success to sweeten the deal.

NeoReach offers a large network of influencers, bloggers, and other creators, so crypto brands can get their names out there in no time. It can also provide creative strategy and direction for brand recognition and conversion. NeoReach also handles paid media and can deliver self-service software and APIs to aid influencer campaign search.

Below is a glimpse of the success that top-tier influencer marketing can provide:

  • NeoReach promoted Sam’s Club to get 2.5 million impressions and 15.1 thousand engagements.
  • With the aid of NeoReach, Nvidia’s back-to-school campaign recorded 3.3 million impressions and 5.7 thousand link-in-bio clicks.
  • The four campaigns of NeoReach and Just Play led to the creation of 18.7 million accounts and recorded 17.3 million impressions.

If you want to start an influencer campaign with NeoReach, just fill out the contact form on their website. You can also contact NeoReach via:

CryptoPR - DeFi Media Outreach and PR Services

CryptoPR is a marketing agency that promises to promote any crypto project and get them featured on the biggest crypto and influencer channels. This agency has been in the Web3 marketing scene for more than two years and uses 100+ staff to guarantee successful marketing services.

CryptoPR is experienced in providing several Web3 marketing services, such as:

  • Press releases
  • NFT promotion
  • International campaigns
  • Advertorials
  • Comparison listings and reviews
  • Banner ads campaigns

Some of the brands that have worked together with CryptoPR for successful marketing include:

  • eToro
  • Zengo
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Ledger
  • PrimeXBT

If you want to promote your project with the aid of CryptoPR, you can contact them using the form on their website. CryptoPR guarantees a 24-hour response.

ShamlaTech - Custom DeFi Marketing and Development

ShamlaTech is an ad agency that promises cost-effective plans and state-of-the-art marketing solutions for any crypto brand. Unlike most ad agencies, ShamlaTech doubles as a platform for developers who are eager to turn ideas into enterprise-grade solutions.

Some of the services that you can trust ShamlaTech to deliver include the following:

  • AI development
  • Metaverse development
  • Real-world asset tokenization
  • NFT creation
  • DeFi development
  • Instagram crypto ads
  • Airdrop marketing
  • Telegram crypto marketing

After spending more than seven years in the market, ShamlaTech has delivered more than 1,100 projects. Some of its happy clients include:

  • Trust Exchange
  • Neo
  • Anxo
  • Skillchain
  • Bitprive

Anyone who wants to approach ShamlaTech for a project can contact them using the contact form on their website. There are also other channels of communication, like:

  • Email: 
  • Telephone: +1 (203) 491-1927 (US), +33 (0)667011796 (UK), +(91)-(422)-4221255 (India), and +82-10-3698-9006 (Korea). - Results-Driven DeFi Marketing and Growth is a crypto marketing agency that promises to take any upcoming brand from launch to the top 100 CMC. This ad company has been in the Web3 market for more than four years and has satisfied the needs of more than 500 clients.

You can expect a wide variety of Web3 marketing services from, such as:

  • Airdrop promotion
  • Telegram promotion
  • Bitcointalk promotion
  • Yandex Ads creation
  • Google Ads creation
  • Crypto PR
  • White paper creation
  • Promo video creation
  • Landing page creation

In the many years since its establishment, has left a trail of happy customers with accomplishments like:

  • MaskEX: 15.3 million views and 25,300+ followers.
  • Buakaw 1: 8.6 million views and 14,700+ followers.
  • More than 3.1 million views and 13,800 followers.
  • Temcoin: More than 2.5 thousand followers and more than 650 thousand views.

Contact with is only possible through their Telegram handle, @FLEXE_IO_AGENCY.

Inoru - DeFi Marketing Strategies and Consulting

Inoru is a crypto company that can handle everything from development to the launch and marketing of the developed project. This agency also employs a variety of tech-stack professionals to ensure that each project is a success.

Inorui provides comprehensive NFT and crypto development services, such as:

  • The creation of NFT marketplaces
  • Design of NFT launchpads
  • Crypto exchange development
  • NFT marketing
  • ICO development
  • ICO marketing
  • Smart contract development
  • P2P platform development

After many years in the crypto landscape, Inoru boasts more than 250 well-accomplished projects. Some of its notable creations include:

  • GSX Coin: An alternative investment option that was created using Gold Stable Coins for stability.
  • Anyswap: A multichain-compatible cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Quickswap: A Layer 2 decentralized crypto exchange with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,012,611.
  • Minty: A gas-free trading platform

You can schedule a meeting with Inoru using the contact form on their website. Apart from that, you can also leave a message using the following channels:

FINPR Agency - DeFi Communication and PR Experts

Located in Dubai, FINPR is primarily a PR agency that is also competent in other aspects of Web3 marketing. FINPR boasts more than 400 media outlets, where news about any crypto brand can be released in 16 languages.

This ad agency offers a wide variety of Web3 marketing services, and that number is increasing regularly. Some of the things you can expect FINPR to do for you include:

  • Crypto PR, NFT PR, and DeFi PR
  • Editorial publications
  • Personal branding
  • Crypto Copywriting
  • Crypto web design
  • Community management
  • IDO, IEO, STO, DAO, and ICO marketing

FINPR has a proven track record in its seven years in the Web3 marketing landscape. It has helped over 500 clients and has seen the publishing of more than 3,000 pieces of content. Clients who have benefited from the services of FINPR include:

  • Klaytn: FINPR boosted the reputation of this brand, leading to first-page publications on Google Search, 1,400+ unique views, and 50 Cointelegraph clicks.
  • Lossless: FINPR delivered first-page publications on Google Search, increasing the project’s visibility in over 20 countries.
  • AscendEX: 200,000+ views were recorded on YouTube, 400,000+ Instagram reach stories, and 300+ joined the program.

Interested crypto companies can seek the services of FINPR by visiting their office in Dubai, or reaching out to them on:

EIY SYS - Innovative DeFi Marketing and Technology

EIY SYS is an agency that is committed to delivering customized blockchain solutions to the B2C and B2B crowds. This platform is also known for its holistic approach to all things blockchain, including its desire to provide sustainable crypto solutions for clients.

The Web3 expertise of EIY SYS lies in many areas, like:

  • Smart contract design
  • Crypto exchange service design and marketing
  • Mobile app and web development
  • Crypto marketing
  • P2P exchange development
  • SEO
  • Listing services
  • Crypto exchange legal services

EIY SYS has offered its services to more than 1,200 customers from more than 15 countries worldwide. It has left many happy customers in its wake, and these individuals have praised the creativity, professionalism, and expertise of this ad agency.

Interested crypto brand owners can visit EIY SYS at their physical office in Los Angeles, USA, or send a message using:

Tokyo Techie - Strategic DeFi Marketing and Consulting

Tokyo Techie is a marketing company that offers all the online solutions a crypto brand requires for mobile app development, wallet development, etc. This India-based DeFi company prides itself on having all it takes to carry a brand, from strategy to planning, building, and post-development.

The blockchain-related services offered by Tokyo Techie include:

  • Centralised crypto exchange development
  • Wallet development
  • Arbitrage exchange development
  • Blockchain audit services
  • Blockchain development
  • SEO-friendly website design
  • Cryptocurrency solutions

Tokyo Techie has left more than 1,000 happy clients in its many years of operation in the cryptocurrency field. Some of these clients include:

  • Doch Star
  • Electra
  • Xcel Trade
  • Flexion
  • Zep Cloud
  • Bit Oxford

If you’d like to contact Tokyo Techie, you can use any of the following channels:

GuerrillaBuzz - Web3 Marketing and DeFi Specialists

GuerrillaBuzz is a DeFi marketing agency that is tired of doing things conventionally. This company is prepared to leverage its unique and tested growth marketing strategies for innovative crypto projects. The primary mission of GuerrillaBuzz is to help any crypto project or brand succeed.

GuerrillaBuzz promises the best blockchain marketing services in several areas, like:

  • Public relations
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Community growth
  • Branding

This Web3 marketing company has raised more than $300 million in funding for its clients and partnered with more than 30 companies. Some of the success stories of the brands that have worked with GuerrillaBuzz are:

  • ShareRing: Reached an audience of 832 million people, with 2.39 million estimated views and 1.39 thousand engagements.
  • Reached an audience of 4.53 billion, with 8.22 million estimated views and 9.8 thousand engagements.
  • MEXC: Recorded 3.15 thousand engagements, 4.77 million views, and reached an audience of 4.34 billion people.
  • Telos: Reached an audience of 565 million and recorded 6.32 thousand engagements with 2.73 million estimated views.

GuerrillaBuzz offers free consultations to people who contact them using the contact form on their website. Besides the contact form, the other ways to get their attention include:

How We Selected the Best DeFi Marketing Agencies

All the DeFi agencies that made our list were chosen based on how well they met our criteria for the best marketing agencies. The factors that we considered before making any choice are shown below:

  • Expertise in DeFi marketing: One of the first things that we check for in a DeFi marketing agency is their capability. We determine if the brand is a newcomer to the crypto scene or if it possesses ample experience and expertise in the field.
  • Success stories and case studies: The top DeFi marketing agencies always provide proof of their capability on their platforms. This could be a case study of a project that they’ve successfully completed or a success story.  The level of detail in the case study also shows how meticulous the marketing agency is.
  • Services offered: A marketing agency that offers numerous services in the marketing niche will be able to satisfy many customers. As such, we also check if the DeFi agency is a marketing company and what variety of marketing services they offer.
  • Client reviews and testimonials: Reviews from customers still remain one of the most accurate sources of information regarding a brand. These reviews provide information on how the brand treats its customers and its capabilities.
  • Industry reputation: The online reputation of a crypto company shows the average impression that the public has of the brand. A good reputation shows that the brand has left many of its customers happy, while a bad reputation suggests otherwise.

Choosing the Right DeFi Marketing Agency for Your Project

There you have it: the top 20 DeFi marketing agencies on the market and their specialties. So, if you want to choose a marketing company for your project, you need to see if they’re experts in your desired field. That way, you can get the best benefits from these marketing agencies.

Another notable mention in the DeFi marketing landscape is Blockchain-Ads. Blockchain-Ads is an ad network that is used by many marketing agencies, like LeanMarketing Crypto, to reach highly engaged, decentralized finance enthusiasts. 

You can check out the Blockchain-Ads platform today to see how it can help your brand get the attention it deserves.

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