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The Best Crypto Launchpads and IEO, IDO Platforms in 2024 Ranked

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Crypto Launchpads and IDO platforms have become an extremely popular way to launch new crypto projects. 

They provide crypto startups with the platform, exposure, and community needed for a successful IDO (initial DEX offering) or IEO (initial exchange offering).

But with so many launchpad options out there, how do you pick the right one for your new project?

This article will explore what a crypto launchpad is, the benefits of using one, and most importantly - the best crypto launchpads and IDO platforms to launch your crypto project in 2024.

How We Evaluated The Best Crypto Launchpads of 2024

There are dozens of launchpad platforms in the crypto space. But clearly some are better than others.

We evaluated over 45 major crypto launchpads and selected the top 10 based on factors like:

  • Number and success of launches
  • Funds raised for previous launches
  • Marketing and community strength
  • Acceptance rates and vetting rigor
  • Network security procedures and success rate
  • Reputation and market position

Top 10 Crypto Launchpads Ranked

Based on extensive research across these factors, these are the 10 best crypto launchpads to launch with in 2024 from our list:




Funds Raised



DAO Maker


$66 million

High-quality projects with incentives for long-term token holders. Listed on Coinbase.


Binance Launchpad


Over $133 million

Affordable token sales and immediate liquidity for investors.




Over $32 million

Decentralized, cross-chain fundraising with fair distribution and accessibility.




Over $23 million

Fully decentralized platform listed on CoinMarketCap.




Over $9 million

Diverse gaming ecosystem with global accessibility.




Over $16 million

Secure platform with a tiered system for token distributions.


Red Kite


Over $10 million

Secure and versatile multi-chain platform with robust project vetting.


KuCoin Spotlight


Over $45 million

Regulated platform for launching compliant cryptocurrency projects.


PancakeSwap Launchpad



Launchpad for new tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

10. Startup


Over $156 million

Seamlessly connects investors to thoroughly vetted blockchain projects.

Keep reading to see the complete list of the 18 top launchpads for your new blockchain project.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps new cryptocurrencies launch through IDOs, ICOs, or IEOs. Launchpads help crypto projects:

  • Get exposure to crypto communities and potential investors
  • Raise funds for project development
  • Distribute tokens at launch

Launchpads screen potential projects before letting them use their platform. They review factors like:

  • Project innovation
  • Team experience
  • Tokenomics
  • Roadmap and growth potential

Getting accepted to a top launchpad can build credibility for a new crypto project.

Types of Crypto Launchpads based on Offering

There are a few common types of launchpads to be aware of. These platforms are mostly grouped based on the type of offering they help projects launch:

IDO Launchpads

IDO or Initial DEX Offering launchpads enable projects to launch new tokens via automated decentralized exchange listings. IDOs simplify the token distribution process by handling listing logistics on popular DEXs automatically at launch.

  • Startup
  • BSCStation
  • DAO Maker

IEO Launchpads 

IEO or Initial Exchange Offering launchpads help startups raise funds through token sales conducted directly on partner crypto exchanges’ existing user bases. Projects benefit from the exchanges’ existing infrastructure.

Examples include:

  • Binance Launchpad
  • KuCoin Spotlight
  • Bybit Launchpad

ICO Launchpads

ICO or Initial Coin Offering launchpads help projects launch a token and raise funds through a custom-built blockchain-based offering. ICOs allow founders flexibility in structuring token sales but require building smart contract infrastructures from scratch.

Examples include:

  • CoinList

Benefits of Launching Through a Crypto Launchpad

Launching through an established launchpad provides tremendous advantages over trying to handle everything yourself.

The top benefits include:

  • Speedy Launch Process: A quality launchpad has an end-to-end process to quickly launch projects at scale. Everything from marketing to conducting the actual token generation event (TGE) is handled for you.
  • Large Investor Pool: Top crypto launchpads have huge communities of crypto investors looking to buy into promising new projects at launch. Launchpad token sales often sell out quickly.
  • Increased Legitimacy: Getting accepted and vetted by a reputable launchpad bolsters perceptions of your project’s legitimacy and investment worthiness.
  • Marketing Support: Launchpads have the audience reach and marketing capabilities to spread awareness of your project to more potential investors.
  • Expert Guidance: Many launchpads provide consulting and guidance to help projects structure their tokenomics, launch strategy, and long-term plans.

Complete List of Top Crypto Launchpads in 2024

Now, let's break down the complete list of 18 launchpads you should consider for your project this year and beyond.

DAO Maker - Launchpad for Community Owned Networks

DAO Maker focuses on helping founders build community owned and governed decentralized networks powered by tokens with fair distribution models. 

Providing full lifecycle support from IDO fundraising to exchange listings and automated vesting, DAO Maker ensures blockchain project launches with robust, engaged communities instead of being dominated by VCs. 

137 IDOs have been facilitated so far, raising over $72 million.

Previous Launches:

  • GT-Protocol
  • Sociapol
  • GameGPT
  • Magic Square

Binance Launchpad - Best Overall Crypto Launchpad

As the overall best launchpad platform, Binance Launchpad has helped projects raise over $122 million to date and takes an industry-low 1% cut. Perks like automated multi-chain support, anti-dump protections, and built-in liquidity solutions make it a streamlined solution.

Previous Launches:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Polygon
  • The Sandbox

Seedify - Active Launchpad Targeting Blockchain Gaming

As one of the top crypto launchpads focused on the GameFi industry, Seedify provides additional benefits tailored to blockchain gaming projects from customizable sales structures to playtesting support. 

With one of the most active track records including over 75 launches, Seedify helps quality blockchain games raise funds from a community of engaged crypto gamers.

Previous Launches:

  • Animalia
  • Storm Warfare
  • Farcana
  • Plexus

KuCoin Spotlight - Launchpad Backed by Major Exchange’s Resources

KuCoin Spotlight utilizes the tech infrastructure, user base and exchange resources of the well established KuCoin platform to provide smooth IEO services for promising projects. Vetted projects launching on Spotlight gain instant access to KuCoin’s 5 million+ users as well instant listings on the popular centralized exchange. 

With 27 IEOs launched so far that achieved an average ROI of 4.86x and ATH average of 39.13x, KuCoin Spotlight offers strong exposure and ROI potential.

Previous Launches:

  • IMVU
  • SUI
  • Mechaverse
  • Fracton Protocol

Polkastarter - Established IDO Launchpad Native to Polkadot

Founded in 2020, Polkastarter is a leading decentralized IDO launchpad platform built natively on Polkadot and Kusama networks. 

While allowing cross-chain projects, Polkastarter facilitates seamless interoperability with its sister Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems. 

Vetted projects launching on Polkastarter gain access to a strong community of active Polkadot DeFi investors and liquidity pools ready to support new token launches.

Previous Launches:

  • DEFY
  • Artmeta
  • FreshCut

Red Kite - Rising Star Launchpad With High ROI Potential

As one of the newest rising stars in the IDO launchpad space, Red Kite has already helped 89 projects raise over $12 million since 2021. Red Kite focuses more on identifying "hidden gem" type projects that may have lower market caps but huge upside potential. With an average all-time high ROI of nearly 32x, Red Kite shows strong early promise in picking micro-cap tokens early that deliver exponential returns.

Previous Launches:

  • PECland
  • Devomon
  • OVAL3

GameFi - Launchpad Tailored for Blockchain Gaming Projects

As a launchpad focused specifically on the explosive blockchain gaming sector, GameFi combines deep gaming industry expertise with a solid tech platform and engaged community of 200,000 crypto gamers. GameFi vets each project thoroughly and aids with game testing, token distribution and community building. 

With 70+ launches achieving a 42.51x average ATH ROI, GameFi has helped leading games like Pegaxy, Crypto Raiders and My Neighbor Alice successfully get to market.

Previous Launches:

  • Animalia
  • Web3War
  • Oxya Origin
  • Exverse

Bybit Launchpad - Launchpad With Exposure to 7M+ Bybit Users

Bybit Launchpad offers projects exposure and access to Bybit exchange's immense user base of over 7 million registered traders. Projects launching on Bybit Launchpad gain the advantage of instant listings on the centralized exchange after IDO/IEO events conclude. 

The launchpad also provides support for locked token vesting schedules to ensure balanced distribution.

Previous Launches:

  • GT-Protocol
  • Soul society
  • Moon App
  • VaporWallet

BSCStation - Feature Rich Launchpad Tailored for BNB Chain

While supporting projects on 10+ chains, BSCStation specializes in helping innovative startups raise capital and distribute tokens via IDOs on Binance Smart Chain. With integrations tailored for BNB Chain such as multi-chain bridges, built-in BNB staking farms, and marketing packages, BSCStation offers the most feature-rich launchpad for teams planning to leverage BSC.

Previous Launches:

  • Mar3AI
  • GPTPlus
  • UNbound

OKX Jumpstart - IEO Launchpad With Strong Trading Infrastructure

OKX Jumpstart is the official initial exchange offering (IEO) platform of leading centralized exchange OKX and decentralized exchange OKXDAO combined. 

With deep roots in trading infrastructure, OKX Jumpstart offers robust solutions for token launches including whitelists, vesting, fixed price swaps and flexible caps. Projects benefit from integration with both OKX's CEX and OKXDAO DEX to enable flexible liquidity options post-listing.

Previous Launches:

  • Sui
  • Taki
  • Element Black
  • OrbCity

Avalaunch - Launchpad for Avalanche Innovations

Avalaunch helps innovative projects building on the Avalanche blockchain raise funds and distribute tokens through IDOs. With over $21 million raised across 26 IDOs, it has facilitated launches for GameFi, DeFi, NFT and other projects.

Previous Launches:

  • Deepwaters
  • Battle For Giostone
  • Dragon Crypto Gaming
  • Snake City
  • Snail Trail

CoinList - Compliant Launchpad for Professional Projects

CoinList offers a compliant launchpad tailored to more established crypto companies ready to take offerings to the next level. With over 900,000+ active participants, CoinList provides a premium launchpad experience complete with investor verification, money transmitter licenses, cap table and vesting management, and advanced token economics controls.

Previous Launches:

  • zkLink
  • Subsquid
  • Ondo

HTX Primelist - Transparent Launchpad with Strong Post-Launch Support

HTX Primelist conducts IEOs for innovative projects backed by HTX Global resources. The platform offers a curated selection of high-quality projects, fair tiered systems, anti-dump mechanisms, and strong price support post-launch.

Previous Launches:

  • HistoryDao
  • Metababy
  • HeroBlaze
  • StonkLeague

ChainGPT Pad - Launchpad and Incubator for Web3

ChainGPT Pad is a launchpad and incubator for Web3 projects looking to launch their token ecosystems. With 9 IDOs conducted so far, it has helped projects raise $1.81 million in funds with an average ROI of 4.48x for participants.

Previous Launches:

  • GT-Protocol
  • Magic Square
  • Serenity Sheild
  • Work X
  • Plutus VC

Bitget Launchpad - Launchpad With Strong Exchange Listing Support

The Bitget Launchpad works hand-in-hand with leading centralized exchange Bitget to provide a clear pathway to liquidity for IDO/IGO projects post-launch. Teams can launch on Bitget's branded launchpad while benefiting from Bitget's expertise in listings and trading infrastructure to drive ongoing growth. 

With over 80 launches facilitated and counting, Bitget Launchpad has one of the strongest track records for regular high quality offerings.

Previous Launches:

  • TonUP
  • T2T2
  • Typelt

Poolz Finance - Multi-Chain Launchpad With 14X Average ROI

Poolz Finance stands out as a multi-chain IDO platform that has helped 137+ tokens achieve highly successful launches across chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Gnosis etc. 

With an average 14.26X ROI for participants, Poolz Finance has demonstrated repeatedly that its selection process identifies quality early stage projects with massive growth potential regardless of sector - be it DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse or otherwise.

Previous Launches:

  • Wanaka Farm
  • Space Sip
  • NetVRk
  • ChainGPT

Synapse Network - Interoperable Multi-Chain Launchpad

Synapse Network is an interoperable multi-chain IDO launchpad focused on bridging liquidity across networks. With 39 IDOs conducted, it has helped projects raise nearly $6 million in funds with an average ROI of 0.43x historically reaching up to 6.03x.

Previous Launches:

  • IvendPay
  • PlayZap
  • Chirpley
  • Legends of ARia
  • DeRace

What to Look for in a Top Cryptocurrency Launchpad

All crypto launchpads are not created equal. As you evaluate options, here are a few key factors to look for:

  • Past performance: Platforms with strong average ROI, funds raised, and successful launches show their ability to identify and grow winning projects. Verify any claims of past performance.
  • Technical vetting process: Look for launchpads that thoroughly evaluate each project's token economics, code, team, and go to market viability before moving to launch.
  • Community size and engagement: The size of a launchpad's investor community drastically impacts how easy it is to fill your raise goals. Assess community quality too.
  • Token pricing and liquidity support: Launchpads should aid projects in structuring fair pricing and caps table to balance risk and dilution. Post-launch liquidity incentives like fixed swaps also smooth public listing transitions.
  • Team expertise and support services: The right launchpad provides ample guidance on optimizing your strategy, token model, marketing, and more from crypto experts.
  • Network integrations: Platforms well integrated with leading CEXs, DEXs, chains, wallets and tools offer more seamless end-to-end experience and post-launch support.

As you dig into specific platforms, keep these criteria in mind while evaluating which option can best support your project’s needs and vision.

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