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Blockchain-Ads x CoinBag AMA RECAP: Wallet Targeting Technologies and Soulbound NFTs

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Two weeks ago, the Blockchain-Ads Team had the opportunity to have Jasmine, from Coinbag.Finance as the special guest of our AMA. Together, we discussed the potential uses of Blockchain-Ads’ new Wallet Targeting capabilities to target Web3 Users based on their crypto investments portfolio, as well as the Soulbound NFT concept announced by Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin.

What is Coinbag Finance and its mission

As Jasmine put it: “we want to introduce crypto investors of all backgrounds and experiences into this space and give them all the tools necessary to actively engage and learn as part of the crypto investment community. […] And finally, a core feature of our product that we’re super excited about is offering themed bundles separated by chain protocol and token. What this means is that you can select the bundle that they like to gain exposure to, and we will show you all the protocols that will help meet your financial goals and the algorithm maximizes earned interest according to your investment strategy.”

How Wallet Targeting can provide high ROI for Blockchain-based projects in the current market.

Despite the market conditions, it is interesting to see how much attention the Blockchain space is currently attracting. All of the hype and news surrounding Blockchain has actually turned all eyes and ears towards the space. In these pivotal times, Web3 projects are faced with education attrition: new people often think that crypto is all about investing into Ethereum and Bitcoin and waiting with fingers crossed that the values triple overnight. This is of course not the case, as it actually takes a lot of education to encourage people to explore all the protocols and all the strategies to earn interest in crypto. Ideally, one wants to target people who are already in Crypto. One wants to target those crypto wallets so that they don’t have to waste time on educating them. The chance to target people who are interested in crypto would make onboarding on any Crypto-related project easy and seamless.

Soulbound NFTs as the pathway to a decentralized society

“It is a way to do Web3 social credentialing. So then instead of just targeting users based on wallet sizes and wallet address, you can target people who elect to share this data based on their credentials, which communities they are part of and what is their role in these communities.”

For those who do not know, a Soulbound NFT is a non-transferable, non-fungible token which belongs to only one user. This gives users a better way to truly control what data they share on the web and with whom they share it. A similar concept — AdNFT — has already been in development by the Blockchain-Ads team for the past 6 months and will enable users to personalize their ad experience on the Web while earning token rewards without limitations of Browser.

You can find the recording of our AMA with Coinbag at this link: https://bit.ly/3xeX08s .

Whether you are a seasoned crypto investor or somebody new to the space, we strongly suggest you to check https://www.coinbag.finance/ to maximize your portfolio earning power.

If you would like to learn more about Wallet Targeting capabilities and other Web3 Advertising Technologies, get in touch with the Blockchain-Ads team at contact@blockchain-ads.com and https://t.me/the_blockchain_ads.

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