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Blockchain-Ads Partners With Cookie3 To Bring Data Attribution And User Segmentation To The Web3

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Imagine a Web3 Advertising Ecosystem with the Performance of Google Ads, the level of Data Attribution and Segmentation of Google Analytics and the Privacy protection of the Brave Browser. Is it possible?

Today the Blockchain-Ads Team is thrilled to announce our first Strategic Partnership with Cookie3: the First Analytics Platform that translates on-chain data into behavioral profiles of individuals.

What does this partnership mean for Web3 Advertising?

One of the most common challenges of Web3 Projects is how difficult it is for them to reach their audience, be it Early token investors, NFT holders, DeFi degens and so on…

Cookie3 is developing a one-of-its-kind Analytics platform that enables you to match your on-chain data with off-chain without losing privacy of the individuals. This enables Data segmentation and profiling, as well as — among other benefits — let you know your (and your competitors’) user onchain data category and segmentation. Since Web3 started, projects have had to do their marketing in the dark, not knowing where their users are, what is their buyer’s journey and what triggers they respond to. This is about to change

Immutable and Decentralized Data Attribution: User Segmentation like Google Analytics, with the Privacy Protection of the Web3

Countless Marketing and Martech papers are coming out everyday discussing the future of the advertising industry after the death of Third Party Cookies in Web2. 2023 will be a year of disruption, in which companies will have to start making without relying on big data companies to harvest users data and sell it to them for their Marketing activities. There is only one solution for companies wanting to keep effective Marketing outreach and users to reliably safeguard their privacy. This solution is the Blockchain technogoly and the web3 dapps. While Cookie3 will be data engine processing and interpreting all existing NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on a variety of chains, Blockchain-Ads Protocol will be able to match and idenity those users when they move across the web enabling precise targeting without interupting users privacy.

Precise Targeting and Data Attribution for the Metaverse

While the Blockchain-Ads team has been hard at work to develop a performance-based Advertising solution for the Metaverse, the Cookie 3 team is about to launch the profiling engine that will segment and categorize the Metaverse audince and massively attribute to Bloickchain-ads to be able to delivering the right ads in front of the right users of the Metaverse. This has massive implications for the entire industry, as it was one of the key missing pieces for reliable monetization of Metaverse spaces, projects and initiatives.

What’s Next?

As true Web3 Advertising performance becomes reality, our team is already creating and testing new creative ways to make the most out of Web2 & Web3 data connections. More partnerships have already been signed and we are looking forward to announcing them to the public. In the meantime, we are open for all Web3 projects to test us out. If you would like to get in touch with the team, you can do so at and on our Telegram channel.

We also strongly encourage our readers to learn more about the Cookie3 amazing project at and on their Twitter Account and Telegram Account.

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