Web3 Advertising

The new Generation of Web3 Ads

Unique Wallet Targeting

On-Chain Audience Profiling

Intelligent Web3 Cookie

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Build for Performance
Highest Return on Ad Spend

Crypto Wallets-based Targeting

Web3 Personalized Advertising

Everyone Can Advertise - No Censorship

Build Users Profiles
from Off-chain and On-chain activity

Data Monetization for Web3 Apps and Websites

Audience Segmentation based on Wallet Activity

API Integration with Google Analytics - and soon other platforms

Web2 & Web3
Tracking on website and on-chain

Full Visibility on On-Chain & Off-Chain User Behavior

Complete Privacy Through Web3 Cookie

Low Code Installation

Our journey so far

We’ve come a long way and are proud of hitting these milestones.

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Largest Ad Marketplace
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11M Data Points
from Web3 Users
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9000+ publishers
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Web3 Personalized Advertising
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Wallet Targeting Capabilities
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70 Data
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Web3 Ad Tech

Top performing Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem!

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P2P Ad Server - Decentralized marketplace for advertisers and publishers

Wallet Targeting Capabilities - Display Targeted Ads based on user wallet portfolio

Web3 Identity based Ad Targeting - User browsing data and all user behavior on-chain

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"We are running more than 45 campaigns for 10 different projects. The BCA team is outperforming anything else we have seen. Reminds me on Facebook Ads in 201. WILD. We're able to scale our campaigns massively. Increase number of token holders, sales, increase volume, High value traders, performs."
Adam Jordan - Founder at Social Kick
Adam Jordan
Founder - Social Kick